5 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Brand on Your Car

Want to grow your brand fast? Consider these creative ways to advertise your brand on your car.

With the help of car wraps or decals, you are able to transform your company car into an attention-grabbing mobile billboard.

If you’re wondering how to start promoting your brand on the streets, try out these 5 creative ways to advertise on your car.

5 ways to advertise your brand on your car

1. Car Wraps

Wrapped cars provide a local business with a personal touch, letting the target audience know it is local. By wrapping your cars with attention-grabbing graphics, a local brand gets to reach the largest audience possible.

Wrapped cars also leave a memorable impression and increase the likelihood of potential clients contacting you. Car wraps are also a straightforward advertising method.

A sales rep can simply add lettering or images to a laminate and stick it to their car.

However, it is a tricky marketing strategy because you have to make it look neat and professional. It has to be done in a way the message remains clear despite temperature and weather changes.

Car wraps can also help with brand recognition, meaning customers can spot your sales van or truck from far.

One reason small businesses are moving to car wraps is that every time their branded car is driven, their brand becomes more exposed.

Anywhere you drive the car, people on sidewalks, in buildings, and on the road are likely to notice your brand. From there, they can go online to find out more about your brand.

2. Magnetic Signs

Do you use your business truck or van just for delivery or personal travel? Your brand could be losing a lot in terms of exposure if you have all your business cars in plain color.

Instead, why don’t you try covering them with magnetic signs printed with your company’s phone number, website, logo, and name?

How about helping potential clients understand your brand better by adding a tagline?

Car magnets can be easily noticed, helping build brand recognition and spread awareness without costing a brand a fortune. They are portable signs that let large and small businesses advertise themselves across regions and great distances.

Advertising with car magnets is also more cost-effective than traditional advertising techniques such as newspaper ads, radio, and television.

Car magnets are an ideal marketing tool for startups with limited resources to promote their brand. These portable signs are also available at a fraction of the cost of print ads.

The fact that magnetic car signs are portable makes them suitable for spreading the brand message to a large geographical location.

Besides being a low-cost advertising technique, car magnets are durable and can last anywhere 3-5 years. They are the perfect advertising medium for a brand to expose itself to a wider audience without breaking the bank.

3. QR Codes

Adding a QR code, also known as a quick response, to the side of a delivery truck or van enable people to scan their smartphones to get more details about what you do.

Create a free QR code online, download the code, and add it to the wrap being created for your car.

Give a special offer to entice potential customers to scan the code. You may also consider adding your website address under the code while you’re at it.

Marketers and businesses heavily rely on a delivery vehicle. So, adding a QR code sticker to a delivery truck or van can be an opportunity to grow your brand.

These codes are a game-changer in serving customers and attracting new customers. Marketers can attach a video link to their landing page to a graphic designer with the QR code.

Likewise, brands can use social media QR codes to redirect customers to their social networking channels.

4. Vinyl Car Lettering

Car lettering is a cost-effective advertising solution for companies operating on a tight budget. It lets a company promote its products and services every time the delivery van or truck is driven.

However, the graphics must be unique and eye-catching to attract more customers. Vinyl lettering will ensure that the words written on your graphic designs are easy to be read and last longer.

The best part is that applying vinyl to a car is straightforward, and your car’s paint won’t be damaged if you decide to remove it.

5. Rear Window Decals

Rear window graphics are a great way to help people get all the important information about your business.

When you utilize tailgate and rear window, you will be reaching a wider audience at a relatively low cost compared to what you would have spent on a billboard. Tailgate graphics also don’t limit you. But remember, the graphics should be clear enough to be seen from at least 100 feet.

Keep the message short and precise. However, it should be bold enough to grab their attention.

Advertise your brand on your car: The bottom line

Your car advertising strategy is an inexpensive yet effective way to increase the awareness of your brand in the local market.

The exposure your brand can get through magnetic car designs, car wraps, and rear window graphics surpasses other signage advertising techniques. Whether your business owns a fleet of trucks or a single delivery van, these car advertisements can drive more customers and help grow your brand.

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