Get Paid To Refer A Friend: 10 Best Refer-a-Friend Deals

Big-name companies want your business. Some are even willing to pay just to try their products/services. That’s right, companies left, and right want you to get paid to refer a friend to their company.

Sourcing new customers can be hard, especially for new businesses. That’s why many now have awesome referral programs. For example, you can sign up at InboxDollars and get paid $5. There are countless more programs offering a small cash bonus for registering.

But what I wanted to do was put together a list of the best refer-a-friend deals. We’re not talking about $5 here, but a substantial amount that makes a difference.

So, if you’re looking to make some extra cash and rewards for referring a friend, keep reading. Are you ready to get paid to refer a friend? On with the list!

10 best “get paid to refer a friend” deals

1. Fabfitfun

Fabfitfun is a monthly subscription box service that delivers special surprises to its customers each month. Oftentimes, these boxes come with high-end products at a rather inexpensive price point, as well as full-sized products.

Users can choose to order a box during whichever season they would like or sign up for an annual subscription. Annual users receive 4 boxes total, with one being sent out per season. In addition, when subscribers refer a friend for a Fabfitfun box, they will receive $15 in credits, and their referred counterparts receive $10!

Each box comes with fantastic goodies and possible discounts for referring members. What’s not to love? Another box that offers similar discounts for referrals is Birchbox, a makeup and self-care-centric subscription box. Refer friend programs are quite common among subscription box brands, so if you have one in mind, look into it! There may be rewards up for grabs.

2. Fabletics

For athletic-wear fanatics and legging-lovers alike, Fabletics is a great, high-quality option for relatively inexpensive activewear. VIP signed-up members receive insane rewards just for signing up, but they have taken it a step further by adding a refer-a-friend program.

Referred customers who sign up successfully can earn up to 50% off items. In addition, buyers who refer friends can earn $10 just for referring a friend, and this will apply to every friend they refer! These benefits quickly add up and can lead to even cheaper activewear for everyone involved.

3. HelloFresh

Sometimes figuring out what to cook can be tough. What’s even harder is choosing a meal that will be both satisfying and nutritionally balanced. Dieters and non-dieters often love HelloFresh due to their preplanned nature and delivery services.

Customers can sign up and fill out some questionnaires to figure out what plan is best for them. Each meal is quite affordable, coming out to $7.49. On top of their affordable prices, they offer referral discounts so customers can get even more for their money. Customers who refer a friend will receive $20 in account credits.

Referred friends who successfully sign up for the program will earn a total of $40 off their entire first box. So if you are looking for healthy meals on a budget and would like even more discounts, the HelloFresh program may be the one for you.

4. Chase

Chase credit cards are a widely used card option by more than 90 million people. There are numerous types of cards and policies available, so everyone is sure to find one that works for them. On top of being extremely convenient and easy to use and set up, select Chase cards offer additional discounts for customers.

Chase customers can earn around $50-$100 for referring a friend for a card. Some limitations do apply to this deal, as only select cards are eligible for this deal. Entering your information into their refer a friend page will tell you whether you qualify for the program. This deal is fantastic and incredibly easy for users who frequently use their cards. $50-$100 for referring a friend to an already great card option? Count me in!

5. Uber

Today, taxi services are in extremely high demand, especially in larger cities. Their convenience, cost, and ability to book and travel fast keep customers coming back. Now, more than 70 million people use Uber throughout the world.

Uber has completed well over 4 billion rides to this date. However, if you have never taken an Uber yourself, you may know a friend or family member who has. Fortunately for frequent riders, Uber has a referral program for additional discounts and credits.

Each advocate will receive credits towards their next ride when they refer someone they know to Uber. In fact, each referral totals a free ride of up to $10 per referral! Who wouldn’t want a free Uber ride just for referring friends? If you use Uber often or even just occasionally, taking advantage of this deal will be helpful in the future.

6. Marriott Hotel

The Marriott Hotel is another favorite of travelers. There are over 6,000 hotels across the globe, covering land within 120+ countries. Their chain is best known for quality, comfort, and convenience, which are major selling points for customers who are choosing a hotel.

Instead of a cash reward, customers are paid using a points system. Each referral amounts to points towards a customer’s next booking. These discounts add up quickly and are a great way to get cheaper accommodations at a quality hotel like Marriott.

Bookers can recommend up to 5 people annually, leading to a possible 50k points for the referring booker and up to 10k for the referred customer. So if you are looking to start traveling or are planning a vacation, start referring friends now to rack up the points for your next trip.

7. Airbnb

For frequent travelers and vacationers alike, affordable accommodations are a vital part of the process. Typically, people book Airbnbs for convenience of location and inexpensive costs. 

Many think that Airbnb prices are outrageous. While that is true for some BnB hosts, some offer comparably less expensive prices than hotels. So for both newbies and frequent flyers, deals are always greatly appreciated. 

Airbnb has utilized these types of deals to rake in the dough over the last few years. Fortunately for consumers, this means even more discounts. 

When Airbnb users refer a friend, both parties receive a credit towards their next Airbnb booking. So on top of the already affordable cost, this refer a friend program is a great option for those looking to save money next time they travel.

Update: As of April 2021, Airbnb’s referral program is over.

8. Tesla

Another company that offers great deals in exchange for customer referrals is none other than Tesla. When customers refer a friend who purchases a Tesla car, they will receive a whopping 1k miles of supercharging. 

This applies to every referral a customer completes. Additionally, customers will be entered into a drawing for a Roadster or Model Y. But, it doesn’t stop there. When a referred Tesla owner purchases a solar roof system or panel, the referring party and referral get a $250 reward. 

If you own a Tesla and want in on some big rewards, referring friends is the way to go. For these deals to be valid, the referred customer must use a valid referral code given to them by a Tesla referring customer. 

Update: As of September 2021, Tesla’s referral program is done, except for referring solar roof customers.

9. Alaska Airlines

Frequent flyers know that air travel costs can rack up quickly. With each ticket totaling a few hundred dollars, any rewards or savings are sure to help save some money and earn some as well! 

Alaska Airlines flyers have the option to sign up for the Alaska Airlines Visa card. Purchases made with the card will result in travel points for the customer. Additionally, flyers who successfully recommend a friend or family member for an Alaska Airlines card will be rewarded with 5,000 bonus miles! These miles can be used toward any future trip with Alaska Airlines. The referred friends must be eligible and signed up to receive the reward.

10. Evernote

With school starting back up in areas worldwide and more people moving from in-office to online work, a functional note-taking app is essential. Evernote allows users to organize thoughts and ideas, take notes, create lists, manage tasks, and more.

Drawing, picture, and audio features enable people to create interactive notes and organizational systems that work for them.

Evernote has designed a point system where members can refer friends and earn 5-10 points per referral. Additionally, referees will receive a free month of Evernote’s premium functions.

Update: This program has ended as of May 2021

Get paid to refer a friend: The bottom line

No, you won’t get rich if you refer a friend, but you will get paid handsomely. So if you have a large circle of people on social media, why not create a referral link and share it? You never know; you might end up with a cool $200 in your pocket for sharing.

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