How to Get Paid to Type Online: 11 Legit Websites

If you’re in search of easy money to be made as a side gig, getting paid to type online can be your calling.

The good news is that several companies provide instruction and working opportunities to those wanting to enter the online transcription market. So it’s not necessary to go out and purchase the top-of-the-line computer to begin working; it’s mainly paying attention to the specific hardware that companies offer and go from there.

If you have a computer, your next essential step to getting paid to type online is having a solid internet connection, a good headset, and a foot pedal (what is a foot pedal?).

Curious and want to learn more about how to get paid to type online? Good. Let’s get into it.

Getting Paid to Type Online FAQ

What type of equipment do I need?

There are minimum requirements for specific companies who hire outsiders or newbies to be audio transcribers. A decent computer is first and foremost, while a quality internet connection is second. Thirdly, an exceptional headset is mandatory, as you need to hear every sound in a crystal clear fashion.

The headphones that have a noise cancellation ability are generally the best. And finally, a foot pedal is of utmost importance. For securing the vital transcription jobs, you’ll need to be able to play, pause, rewind, and fast-type audio files with simply the tap of your foot on the different segments of the pedal.

Does typing online require an educational background?

The only obstacle to becoming a highly paid transcriber is desire and persistence. If you’re out of work and want to partake in something entirely different, there’s no stopping how much you can earn typing online. The learning curve is simple–the more proficient you become after launching into it, the more your skills get enhanced, and your earnings go up.

It all boils down to being consistent. If you’ve never measured your typing speed, there are ways to find out if you can type quickly, accurately, and without any grammar or spelling mistakes. For example, this typing test is a good start. Making a decent living out of online typing requires converting audio recordings into text, filling out forms, and typing documents.

11 best sites to earn money as a transcriptionist

Following are the highest quality websites that pay well for your typing skills:

1. AccuTran Global

A company born and bred out of Canada, the earning potential of AccuTran Global amounts to almost $50 per hour, depending on approval from the higher-ups before joining. Having a typing speed of 60 words per minute also helps. If real-time transcription projects aren’t your thing, you can also opt to participate in editing services.

2. Babbletype

With a catchy name like Babbletype, who wouldn’t want to increase their overall earnings where you can make almost $100 per week? Babbletype offers extensive transcription projects, but first, you’ll need to pass a transcription test followed by a telephone interview before they’ll take you in. Even if you only want to transcribe part-time, you can truly make a high-dollar income to offset any money shortages in your life.

3. CyberDictate

CyberDictate offers the best opportunity to put your skills to the test for all you lawyer wannabees or legal aficionados. Since they mainly specialize in legal transcription, this company only accepts those who have at least three years of previous law firm experience under their belt. Once that aspect of working here has been cleared, your typing skills have to be off-the-charts sensational and error-free to become part of the transcription team.

4. Rev

Freelance transcribers can make a pretty decent pay rate with Rev, as its base rate is on a sliding scale depending on experience and aptitude. A bilingual transcriptionist has an even greater advantage as they can command a higher wage with audio or video translation. This company also offers closed captioning, and who’d thought that every time you see that phrase on your screen, there are diligent hands furiously typing to bring the words to fruition, huh?

5. 2Captcha

If you’re interested in earning some of the easiest money possible, look no further than this company. The key to 2Captcha is solving jobs that just so happen to be the least brain teasers around. The wages for this typing job aren’t super impressive, but it does give you extra pocketbook change, and it does allow flexible scheduling and remote work on a 24/7 basis. Also, you don’t need to pass any approval tests to work at 2Captcha; all you need is to create an account and verify it; that’s it.

6. Scribie

Formed in 2008, this company has churned out millions of dollars of work to its transcribers. Scribie is unique because it has an automatic transcript where an online engine will do all the work for you. This innovative tool allows freelancers to proofread the final document to ensure that it’s free of mistakes.

7. Aberdeen

Some companies offer more specialized services for transcribers, and this is one of them. If you’re more interested in subtitles and closed captioning, you’ve found your site. Now that Aberdeen offers freelancers a chance to transcribe projects at a nice per-audio-minute wage, the company has a live segment where you can catch audio and video projects in real-time.

The only drawback is that your typing speed has to practically exceed excellent to be accepted and approved before joining. It can be challenging, but the pay is worth it.

Update: They’re only looking for local applicants at the moment (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.)

8. GoTranscript

There has been lots of buzz around this company for securing online typing jobs. Based in the UK, GoTranscript has been considered one of the best platforms for transcribers around the globe. Why?

The earnings for even part-time talented freelancers surpass other websites that also offer an average per minute audio wage. This platform delivers some of the finest work and continues to earn its top-notch reputation, mainly based on the accuracy and speed of the transcribers who have been fortunate enough to secure work with them.

9. OneSpace

If you’re a bilingual person and are confident in your chosen learned languages, then OneSpace is the online website for you. Being proficient in Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese–and other very difficult languages and subjects–you’ll find work here. There is no set wage; however, each project’s earnings depend on your ability, expertise, and years of experience.

Don’t dive into OneSpace unless you have a command of this second language. That’s because their approval process demands a high level of fluency.

10. Captionmax

Are you ready to earn more per hour than you’ve made in your previous retail job? Well, Captionmax has been dubbed one of North America’s largest closed captioning service providers. They offer one of the best rates for audio transcriptionists; however, the application process is lengthy and tough.

But, if you’re genuinely talented at online typing and want to take your skills even further, Captionmax has a limitless supply of online jobs for its users.

11. Upwork

You’ve probably heard of this site from freelancers searching for every type of job, from writing to editing to transcribing. Upwork is one of the most popular platforms to find clients in search of audio transcription services. While this company does give you room to state your own rate, they also list a bunch of open positions that you can bid on and see what happens.

Most users who choose Upwork find excellent transcription jobs in the book department, as that niche isn’t always easy to lure in quality work for online typing seekers.

Getting paid to type online: The bottom line

Before you take the plunge into online typing, ask yourself what type of work volume you can handle and how much time you plan to devote to these types of projects. Not every website listed above caters to the exact kind of audio transcription. It’s a matter of being discerning and understanding your limitations.

But, the good news is that you can be a retired worker from a boring corporate job and still be someone who wants to continue making an extra buck. Either way–and whatever your circumstances are–there’s no doubt that getting paid to type online for specialty companies or websites is a great way to earn money. They always have oodles of work and an undeniably awesome earning wage to match.

Simply look at online typing as a new path to securing some fine bread and butter for your life. That’s it.

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