30 Top High-Paying In-Demand Jobs Booming in 2023

Virtually every job professional in the modern world wants to know how to land a high-paying job. These include engineers, doctors, lawyers, and managers. But, more importantly, these professions are all in high demand with a low supply.

Here’s a list of high-paying in-demand jobs that have few applicants and huge demand.

30 high-paying in-demand jobs booming in 2023

Human Resources Director

These professionals handle recruitment, staffing, employee benefits, and employee relations. The business consultant’s salary starts around $55,000 to $75,000 a year. The average annual salary earned by human resources manager is $100,000.

A human resources department can be found in every large company. If you have the HR education and experience, you can get a job as an HR generalist or a talent acquisition specialist.

Project Manager

The project manager is expected to guide the project through every stage from inception to completion in the business world. In addition, they are assigned to manage a team made up of engineers, architects, and designers, among others.

A project manager’s salary can go as high as $200,000 a year. Moreover, they have the option to earn more if they meet performance targets.

IT Manager

Information technology is a field full of contradictions. Everyone expects instant access and information on their phones, tablets, and computers, yet it can take weeks to fix a technical glitch. As a result, every business needs IT support. Many companies cannot run without IT support.

The median annual IT manager salary is $120,000. There is also a great chance of earning more if you meet performance targets.

IT Programmer

The IT profession has a growing and challenging career path. As time goes by, companies continue to make more sophisticated software, hardware, and automated systems. The most popular career path for IT professionals is becoming a programmer.

IT programmers are responsible for designing the working software and circuitry of a system. They also test programs to find bugs and flaws in the product.

A median salary of an IT professional is $100,000. There is also a slim chance of earning more if you meet performance targets.


Accounting professionals prepare financial reports, analyze data for business decisions, and help with accounting systems. Many accountants have diverse responsibilities that require them to have an in-depth knowledge of accounting regulations and rules.

The median annual salary for accountants is $90,000. However, the chances of earning more are high if you meet performance targets.


The architecture profession carries a high median salary of $80,000 a year. It also has a great working environment and awesome projects. They work with very large multi-disciplined projects. Although the career path of an architect is challenging and unpredictable, there are jobs available for experienced professionals.

Software Engineer

Bridging the space between hardware and software is the job of the software engineer. They are responsible for adding value to a product through their software. They need to be aware of current technology trends and the latest software applications available in the market.

The average salary of a software engineer is $78,000.

Mobile App Developer

The mobile app development industry is booming, and there are very high demands for qualified professionals. Mobile app developers have to stay updated on the latest technologies, designs, and trends in the market. They are also responsible for developing and testing mobile applications.

To become a top-notch mobile app developer, you must take a computer science or computer engineering degree. The average salary for mobile app developers is $70,000 a year.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts’ job is to estimate, forecast, and evaluate the performance of an organization’s financial status for the present and future years. They also have to draw up strategic plans needed to help the organization align its business strategy with its goals and objectives.

The median annual salary for financial analysts is $77,000.

Quality Assurance Engineer

They are responsible for creating and maintaining a quality product or service. They go through the development process of a product to find technical bugs. They also conduct tests and analyses of software to find any faults.

The average salary for a QA engineer is $65,000 a year.

Brand Management

The brand management job entails marketing the products, services, and activities of a company. They manage a race of product innovation to expand the market share of a company. That is why they must be very creative, innovative, and strategic.

The median annual salary for a brand management professional is $64,000.

Corporate Controller/Controller of Accounting

These professionals are responsible for ensuring that the company maintains financial records and complies with regulations. They create financial statements and maintain the company’s accounting records. Therefore, they must have a good understanding of accounting principles.

The median annual salary for a corporate controller is $63,000.


Attorneys describe themselves as legal problem-solvers. Their job is to protect their clients’ rights and solve disputes between people, companies, and organizations. They are responsible for identifying the best legal solution to a problem.

The median salary for an attorney is $62,000.


The career path of an engineer requires a broad knowledge base that involves physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and computer science. An engineer must have a keen eye for details and a good understanding of technology and science. They are responsible for designing, developing, testing, and managing scientific products.

The median annual salary of an engineer is $60,000.


These professionals diagnose, treat, and prevent illnesses for a living. They must have a deep understanding of human biology and internal medicine. Physician assistants possess a degree in one of the medical sciences.

The average salary of a physician is $125,000.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents help buyers and sellers in the real estate market. They conduct research and present their findings to both parties so that they make informed decisions. They also educate home buyers and home sellers about essential aspects of real estate activities.

The median annual salary for a real estate agent is $55,000.

Business Analyst

They create interactive reports and presentations that identify the strengths and weaknesses of an organization. Business analysts will be involved in the gathering and interpretation of data and information.

The median salary for a business analyst is $55,000.


Surgeons treat patients. They perform operations and remove tissues, organs, and cancer cells. Surgeons must have a strong educational background in the medical field, including general surgery, minimally invasive surgery, trauma surgery, neurosurgery, and orthopedic surgery.

The median annual salary of a surgeon is $325,000.

Data Scientist

Data scientists use statistical methods to analyze large amounts of data and discover new patterns. They will also work with databases and information systems.

The median annual salary for a data scientist is $115,000.

Physician Assistant

Physician assistants help to diagnose, treat and prescribe medication. They must be licensed in their state to practice medicine. Physician assistants may focus on one area or a combination of areas.

The median annual salary for a physician assistant is $97,000.


An audiologist performs diagnostic tests on hearing. They will also prescribe hearing aids and make adjustments when necessary. An audiologist should have a degree and licensure to practice medicine.

The median annual salary for an audiologist is $81,000.


A chiropractor treats neck and back pain by removing any abnormalities within the neck, vertebrae, and muscles. They will also adjust the alignment of the spine and other joints.

The median annual salary for a chiropractor is $67,000.


An optometrist diagnoses and treats eye problems using eye drops, visual exams, and corrective lenses. They will also test vision and prescribe corrective lenses.

The median annual salary for an optometrist is $66,000.


A podiatrist treats foot disorders and diseases such as bunions, ingrown nails, corns, and calluses. They also diagnose, treat and prevent injuries as well as provide ergonomic foot care.

The median annual salary for a podiatrist is $96,000.


An orthodontist is a medical professional that specializes in straightening teeth and jaws.

The median annual salary for an orthodontist is $119,000.


Dentists implant, extract and treat teeth and gums. They also advise patients on dental hygiene. Dentists must have a degree in dental hygiene or dental specialties such as dental surgery or prosthodontics.

The median annual salary for a dentist is $158,000.

Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists maintain the health of teeth and gums. They also provide education on oral health and hygiene.

The median annual salary for a dental hygienist is $76,000.


They are healthcare professionals who treat animal diseases and injuries. For example, a veterinarian may become a college-certified veterinary technician or a specialist in proctology or orthopedic surgery.

The median annual salary for a veterinarian is $88,000

Emergency medicine physician

Emergency medicine physicians specialize in the initial treatment of injuries, illness, and other emergencies when a patient’s safety is at stake.

The median annual salary for an emergency medicine physician is $195,000.


Nurses provide health care to patients. They also implement nursing care plans based on patient’s needs and medical diagnoses. Nurses work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private agencies, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

The median annual salary for a nurse is $68,000.

The median salary of these professions is excellent, and they all have different career paths and responsibilities. Still, there are a lot of open positions that remain available. You may be the one that can make your dream job a reality.

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