Make Money Using Your Car: 16 Unique Ways That Work in 2023

There’s never been a better time than now to make money using your car.

Using your car to make money has many perks. The main one being the flexibility to choose your hours.

While you might not earn enough to drop your 9 to 5 (yet), many are finding that using your car to make money is a sweet side hustle.

If you end up liking it and want to make driving a full-time job, you should probably take advantage of more than one of these side hustles.

So whether you want to make money to do this full time or you just want to make money fast to pay some bills, the gig economy is worth exploring.

Let’s look at the best apps to make money using your car.

Make money delivering food

If you don’t like the thought of strangers driving your car, perhaps delivering food is a better option for you.

People need grocery store shoppers now more than ever, so delivering food can be an awesome way of using your car to make money.

Here are the best food delivery apps.


Sign up with Instacart and start delivering groceries to people’s doorsteps. Their app makes it incredibly easy to get jobs and make money fast.

Instacart can be a fun side hustle if you like the idea of shopping for groceries and delivering them.


Become a “dasher,” and you’ll be delivering food and making money using your car in no time.

With DoorDash, you deliver restaurant meals to hungry clients in your area. So if you’re down to pick up food at restaurants and deliver it for some fast cash, this is an app worth exploring.


Food, drinks, groceries. You can deliver just about anything with Postmates. More options mean more gigs for you and more money in your pocket.

Depending on your location, you might not even need a car to make deliveries.


Shipt says you can earn up to $22 per hour delivering groceries.

For a $99 yearly fee, Shipt users get their groceries delivered right to their doorstep.

When you become a Shipt Shopper, you get the $99 yearly membership fee waived, so you get to enjoy free delivery of your own groceries all year long.

Becoming a delivery driver only makes sense if you have a fuel-efficient car and can devote the time this job requires. The downside is that for most companies, Amazon included, you would not be an actual employee but rather be labeled an independent contractor.

You can dress it up and call yourself an entrepreneur, but the sad reality is that you’ll be paying a lot more in taxes and won’t get any benefits such as health insurance, vacation time, sick leave, or unemployment benefits.

Rent your car out

You’ve heard of renting your house on a short-term basis on Airbnb, but what about your car? Yeah, you can do that too.

Why just let your car sit there and collect dust when you could be earning passive income from your car?

If you have an underutilized car that’s just taking up space in your garage and depreciating at the same time, why not make a few bucks out of it?

Renters will want your car for a variety of reasons.

  • They could be on vacation, and renting from a ridesharing company is cheaper than your average rental agency.
  • Their car is in the shop, and they need a car for their daily commute to work for the week.
  • They want to make money on Uber or Instacart but don’t have a qualifying car of their own to use.

Here are the best companies to partner with if you want to rent your car out for cash.


This is an excellent way to take advantage of the popularity of Uber and Lyft – without having to drive people around.

By loaning your car out, a driver will do all the work of driving all day. You just sit back and make that money.


Turo really is the Airbnb for cars. You can rent out anything from classic cars, sports cars, exotic & luxury vehicles to your everyday sedan or minivan.

If you have an extra car, Turo is a great way to make money from it.


If you’re going to rent your car on some of the other car rental apps, why not rent it here too? The more places you list your car, the more opportunities you’ll have to loan it out.

Getaround is available in 300+ cities worldwide, and a $1M insurance policy covers trips with roadside assistance included.


You can rent out anything from small trailers and campervans to high-end RV’s here.

List your RV, set your prices, and earn some nice passive income.


When you’re not using your RV, you can rent it out for $200 or more per day. Top renters on this platform are earning between $15k and 30k per year.

Become a rideshare driver

If you enjoy meeting new people, you can become a rideshare driver.

You get the flexibility to set your own hours. You simply open the app when you are available and close it when you’re done.

The two main leaders for ridesharing are Uber and Lyft.


Don’t want to use your own car to drive people around? No problem, use HyreCar and rent somebody else’s car instead.

This will eat into your profits, but you won’t have any vehicle maintenance costs to worry about.


Lyft works like Uber. Just turn on the app, and you’re ready to go. You can get paid more when there’s a bigger demand in your area or if you drive a luxury vehicle.

The key to making good money is to be available during “price surges.” Say there’s a convention or sporting event going on that’s over at 7 PM, you’ll want to turn the Uber or Lyft smartphone app on and drive to the area to begin taking advantage of the higher rates.

My take: If you have a newer fuel-efficient automobile driving for Uber is a great way of making money. The key is always to keep costs down, and if you’re not spending on gas, then most of your earnings will be pure profit.

Advertise on your car

You can make money by placing advertisements on your car. This can either be a simple magnetic placard, or you can wrap your entire car with an ad.


To get started with Wrapify, you need to download their app first to determine your driving habits.

After tracking your daily driving habits (at least 50 miles total), you are eligible to receive offers.

The amount you get paid will be based on your location, how many miles per day you drive, and what times of the day you drive.


Carvertise specializes in side wraps and rear window wraps.

They pay out $100 per month for the duration of the ad wrap campaign, which typically lasts three to six months.

If you’re not particular about what your car looks like, why not plaster an ad all over it? The amount of money you earn should be enough to pay for your gas.

Rent your parking spot out

While you’re on the road making money, you may have prime parking real estate sitting there at home. If you live by the beach, for example, you can rent your parking space for an hour or for a whole day. You can get started at JustPark or MoneyParking.

If you live near a sports stadium or live in a crowded city like New York or San Fransisco, you can make some good money. You just need to make sure you’re selling a spot you actually own (like your driveway) and that your prices are competitive.


Save on gas by carpooling with others to and from the office. Since you’re going in the same direction, there’s no reason each person needs to pay for gas and get stuck in the slow lanes.

The downside is having to pick people up, but you can get your gas paid (and more) with this method. Offer a really good deal (better than Uber) and enlist several coworkers if you can to increase your earnings.

Help people move

The bad part of owning a truck is that everyone asks you to help them move. The good part is that you can make some serious cash doing it.

People don’t want to hire moving companies because they’re expensive. You can be the cheaper alternative and still help people move efficiently.

I’m sure an ad on Craigslist will be enough to entice people to call you, and before you know it, you’ll have a nice little side job on the weekends.

You can use these sites: GoShareDolly, and Craigslist.

To make the most out of making money using your car and earn up to $1,000 per week, try multiple companies simultaneously.

You can be active on multiple apps and just turn them on when you’re available for work.

I hope this helps you make money using your car; thanks for reading!


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