51 Most Powerful Money Earning Mantras to Attract Wealth

Mantras refer to Hinduism and Buddhism utterances that are mystical and spiritual. There are money mantras you can utter or internalize in thought.

Many people believe in the power of manifestation using money mantras. There is no risk associated with using mantras in an attempt to attract money. According to the National Institutes of Health, around 1.6% of adults use mantra meditation in their daily lives. Many of these adults use mantras to make more money, attract new money, and feel more financially free.

If you are looking to incorporate some money mantras into your daily meditation, consider trying one of these. These mantras are simple, positive, and easy to repeat. Ready to get started? Here’s the list of the most powerful money mantras to attract wealth.

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51 Most Powerful Mantras to Attract Money

1. “I am a magnet for money”

Want to attract money? Imagine that you are a magnet attracting it and radiate that energy.

2. “Money flows freely to me”

Envision money flowing like water. Watch it wash over you!

3. “Lakshmi Gayathri Mantra”

To use this mantra say the following. “Om Shree Mahalakshmyai Cha Vidmahe Vishnu Patnyai Cha Dheemahi Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat Om.”

4. “I release any resistance preventing me from attracting money”

Resisting money is the opposite of attracting it. Release that resistance.

5. “There will always be more than enough money in my life”

This is a trusting mantra. Trust helps build abundance. Lacking trust does the opposite.

6. “I live in plentiful abundance. I will continue to live in plentiful abundance”

Embracing abundance is important. This mantra embraces it for the present and future.

7. “Large quantities of money will come into my life at unexpected times”

This mantra specifies “large quantities.” Specificity counts. Want a certain amount? Ask for it.

8. “Thank you to the Universe and its perfect timing”

Gratitude also counts. Many money mantras include gratitude. Be grateful to yourself and the universe too.

9. “I trust my life path completely. I am grateful for everything that happens in it”

This mantra is a double whammy. It mentions trust AND gratitude.

10. “I am so very thankful that I get to call this life my own”

Not all money mantras mention money. This one is more general but still effective.

11. “I love money. I love all the things that money does for me”

Loving money isn’t selfish. It can even help you manifest more of it.

12. “Money helps the world and everybody in it”

You don’t have to attract money for yourself only. Manifest it for the world too.

13. “I naturally attract money and good fortune”

Mantras should feel natural. Attracting money should feel natural too.

14. “Shri Lakshmi Beej Mantra”

To use this mantra say the following words. “OM Hreem Shreem Kleem Maha Lakshmi Namaha.”

15. “I have financial freedom. I will continue to have financial freedom”

Mantras can be freeing. Financial freedom can be even more freeing.

16. “My income will always exceed my expenses”

This is another specific mantra. It is good to use during money struggles.

17. “I will be generously paid for my skills, my time, and my knowledge”

Struggling at work? Try this mantra to help your paychecks.

18. “Sri Mahalakshmi Mantra”

To use this mantra say the following words. “Om Shring Hring Kling Tribhuvan Mahalakshmyai Asmaakam Daaridray Naashay Prachur Dhan Dehi Dehi Kling Hring Shring Om.”

19. “I have a great relationship with money”

Positive mantras are good mantras. Use words like “good”, “great”, and “excellent” in yours.

20. “I invest and spend my money with wisdom and intuition”

This mantra helps build self-trust. Self-trust is crucial for building abundance.

21. “My wealth increases constantly”

Want to grow your wealth? Directly claim it with this mantra.

22. “I am wealthy in a multitude of ways?

Looking for multifaceted wealth? Use the word “wealth” or “abundance” instead of “money.” The point still comes across.

23. “The universe is arranging everything in a way that directly favors me”

Mantras can help you trust yourself. They can also help you trust the universe.

24. “I am thankful for my rapidly increasing wealth”

Try multiple types of gratitude. Gratitude mantras can include both present wealth and future wealth.

25. “I am getting wealthier every day”

This mantra is perfect for daily use. Consider repeating it each morning or evening.

26. “I will have money available to spend on whatever I choose”

There are specific reasons that people desire money. Mention the specific things you desire in your mantras.

27. “Money will allow me to travel and see the world”

Remind yourself why you want money. This mantra is perfect for travel lovers.

28. “I have financial stability”

Even if you don’t have stability, claim it. You may have more of it than you think.

29. “My wealth increase every night while I am sleeping”

Like to use mantras before bed? This is a perfect bedtime or evening mantra.

30. “I am spiritually fit to handle all of the abundance coming to me”

Spiritual fitness matters. Even if you don’t think you have it, claim it.

31. “I gratefully welcome all of the wealth that is coming into my life”

A welcoming attitude is a good attitude. Approach money mantras with a welcoming attitude.

32. “I have limitless ways to make money”

Money comes from the universe but also from hard work. Mantras can help you remember this.

33. “My career allows me to live the life that I want to live”

Worried about work? Mantras can help you become happier and more productive on the job.

34. “I am connected with the universe and its limitless supply of wealth and abundance”

Even if you aren’t religious, you can connect with a higher power. Try connecting with the universe instead.

35. “I am thankful for all of the wealth and abundance that I have and all of the wealth and abundance that I have on the way”

Struggling with your attitude and your finances? This mantra can help make you a more grateful person.

36. “All of the money that I spend and donate comes back to me tenfold”

You do not have to hoard money to have wealth. Try claiming the return of spent money using mantras.

37. “I am open and accepting to receive money today”

When using mantras, don’t demand anything from the universe. Instead, use an open and accepting approach.

38. “I reject any resistance that could prevent me from attracting money”

Some mantras release current resistance to money. This one rejects future resistance to it. Try using both kinds.

39. “I deserve to have a positive cash flow”

Positive self-talk is important. Remind yourself that you deserve good things when using mantras.

40. “I am able to achieve my financial goals in easy and fun ways”

Even with money mantras, work is required for abundance. Fortunately, making money can be fun, especially if you claim it.

41. “I am directly aligned with the Universe’s energies of wealth and abundance”

If you believe in spiritual alignment, try this mantra. You can actually visualize your energy field.

42. “I make smart and empowered choices with my money. I will continue to do so”

Remind yourself that you are more than just wealthy. You are smart and empowered too.

43. “I am having fun earning money and achieving my goals”

Even if you aren’t having fun, try this mantra. It can help you adopt a better mindset.

44. “I attract and deserve financial security”

Use this mantra for yourself as well as your family. Attraction and worthiness are both key elements for manifestation.

45. “I trust that I will get money today”

Want money today? Be more trusting. Use this mantra to claim the immediate funds you need.

46. “My relationship with money improves every single day”

Even if you have a great relationship with money, claim a better one. This is an excellent daily mantra for money-making.

47. “I can look at my finances fearlessly and confidently”

Are there certain traits you desire to have? Claim those in addition to financial abundance. Claim fearlessness, confidence, and whatever else you need.

48. “I give myself permission to achieve financial abundance”

Have you been doubting yourself? End that phase by granting yourself permission to succeed with this mantra.

49. “I deserve all of the wealth and abundance that I desire”

Your goals are your own. Remind yourself that you will get exactly what you desire, not what anyone else desires for you.

50. “I have the power to attract money and build wealth”

Feeling powerless? There is no reason for that. Money mantras can help you feel more confident and powerful too.

51. “I am a money magnet”

This money magnet mantra depends on what you believe about money. What you think about money also plays a role in making you a money magnet.

For this money magnetism mantra to work in your life, you need to have positive thoughts about prosperity. You have to start thinking positively about your problems and start to plan for how to handle them.

Plan to spend part of your income on donations. By doing this, you will attract more money and prosperity to your life .

When you have positive thoughts, you attract like-minded people. These people will influence your thinking about making money. Moreover, practicing positive self-talk about money is crucial.

Believe in your ability to make money, and you will make it.

Money mantras: The bottom line

According to a survey conducted by Capital One around 77% of adults struggle with anxiety related to money and finances. You can become the minority. Try using these money mantras to attract money and feel a greater sense of financial confidence today.

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