14 Best Things to Sell on OfferUp to Make $3,500/month in 2023!

Consumers everywhere are facing the largest inflation rate increases in over 30 years, and the threat of economic instability has many people considering their options. People who have items that they no longer want or need are opting to sell those things online instead of donating them or throwing them away.

OfferUp is a popular online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. If you’re thinking about selling items online as a full-time gig, you’ll be interested in this list of the 24 best things to sell on OfferUp by category.

24 best items to sell on OfferUp

Kitchen Gadgets

1. Ice Cream Maker

An ice cream maker is a kitchen appliance that allows you to make a variety of delicious frozen desserts at home. Most people want to give healthy treats to their family members, but most commercial ice cream brands have questionable ingredients. If you’ve got an ice cream maker for sale on OfferUp, it’s very likely that some health-conscious mom will scoop it up.

2. Avocado Slicer

Avocados contain a generous helping of nutrients and are tasty to boot. It’s no wonder that avocado toast has been trending on breakfast plates for several years now. However, the fruit disguised as a vegetable carries a heavy price tag when it covers a slice of toast at a fancy restaurant. Smart people are looking for a way to make this healthy meal at home. The avocado slicer makes it easy and affordable to indulge in the dish at any time.

3. Silicone Spatula

People always need kitchen utensils, but prices of nearly everything new is going through the roof. While someone would be hesitant to buy used kitchen utensils online, spatulas and slotted spoons that are made of silicone keep their shape and stay in good condition even after many years of high-heat usage. The silicone material also has a reputation for being hygienic since it doesn’t absorb food particles or odors.

Furniture and Home Decor

4. Desks

According to statistics that Forbes published, an estimated 70% of working Americans will be telecommuting at least five days each month by 2025. You can bet that these people will get tired of typing from bed. They’ll eventually want to create a dedicated work space in their home, and no home office is complete without a desk.

5. Table Lamp

Lighting is critical when it comes to making a room feel cozy while remaining functional. Table lamps add strategic task lighting to home offices. They also level up the room’s style factor, which is always appealing.

6. Oriental Rug

Just because someone is working from home in her pajamas doesn’t mean that she wants to skimp on her home decor options. Quality Oriental rugs give rooms an effortless sense of style.


7. Monitor

For many people, working from home means not having access to their desktop computer’s big-screen monitor at the office. However, they can make their work-from-home experience more pleasant by buying a monitor that they can connect to their laptop. A larger monitor may help to reduce eye strain and make users more productive.

8. Webcam

While the built-in camera on your new laptop may be good enough for your casual meetings with colleagues, some people need more high-definition options. For instance, people who make a living doing training presentations that are video recorded often need standalone webcams.

9. Webcam Lighting

The right lighting is key when it comes to keeping up appearances on business conference calls. The right webcam light can take years off of your face. On the other hand, inadequate lighting can make you look like a hack.

Musical Instruments

10. Guitar

When it comes to online music tutoring, guitar lessons are some of the most popular ones that are available. If a person is just starting out learning beginner chords, he or she doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a new instrument. A used guitar will get them through those trying beginner stages until they can truly appreciate a fancier six-string.

11. Piano

Many people learned to play the piano as children but have sidelined the hobby to take care of adult-style responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, and earning a living. As the prices of entertainment and leisure activities skyrocket, many of them have decided to revive their love of music by buying pianos. Nothing beats piano duets set among a cheerful group of friends at holiday parties.

12. Violin

You encouraged your five-year-old to begin violin lessons by buying her a beautiful new violin. It turns out that she hates violin lessons. However, the chances are high that some other parents have just envisioned their son or daughter as a concert violinist just as you had done. It’s now time to send your gently used violin to their household.

Lawn and Garden Equipment

13. Lawn Mower

Supply chain issues have been top news stories lately. Consumers and business owners alike have complained about empty store shelves when it comes to acquiring tractors, electronic gadgets, and car parts. When inventory items in stores are low but your neighbor’s grass is high, he might be willing to make a deal on that lawnmower that you have for sale on OfferUp.

14. Leaf Blower

People love gadgets that make their lives easier, but more than ever they need to feel that their purchases reflect good-value decision-making. Some people can justify purchasing a leaf blower online if it’s priced right. If they’ve always wanted a leaf blower, buying a used one makes sense. Leaf blowers are generally only used seasonally and for short periods of time. A used one that’s in good condition will likely last nearly as long as a new leaf blower.

15. Flower Pots

Ceramic flower pots are gorgeous additions to a backyard setting. They’re also known to last a lifetime with proper care. There’s really no reason not to save some money and buy them used online.

Toys and Games

16. Jigsaw Puzzle

Society’s values are shifting. Many people are looking for new ways to enjoy quality time with family and friends. Combining forces to solve a complicated jigsaw puzzle checks all of the boxes. The activity is challenging and can accommodate a number of different participants.

17. Legos

Legos are nostalgic toys that encourage creative thought, planning, and problem-solving. The interlocking building blocks are a favorite for both children and adults.

18. Dollhouse

Many parents are now homeschooling their children as well as working from home. Instead of putting their children in front of the television after “school,” they’ll want to purchase a toy such as a dollhouse that promises never-ending fun for imaginative girls.

Sports Equipment

19. Stand Up Paddle Board

If you live near the water, it’s likely that you’ve seen people paddling along while standing up on surfboards. This activity is called stand-up paddleboarding, and it offers some great exercise opportunities. However, a new stand-up paddleboard is an expensive investment for most people who are just trying out the sport. They would likely turn to online shops for used boards before paying top dollar for new stand-up paddleboards at retail stores.

20. Weights and Fitness Equipment

Local lockdowns left many people with a few more pounds around their waistlines. They turn to weight lifting to build lean muscles that promise to burn fat long after the exercises are over. In addition to home offices, home gym setups are becoming more popular. People who are setting up home gyms will need an affordable stock of free weights and other fitness equipment.

21. Kayaks

Everyone knows that staying in shape can be a daunting task. Why not find a calorie-burning activity that you really enjoy? For some people, that activity is kayaking. However, kayaking alone is no fun. These people will want a spare kayak or two for group adventures.

Pet Supplies

22. Water Bowl

Gifting pets special items has been a trend for a number of years now. In times of economic instability, even Fido must cut back, however. When pet owners see a new high-tech water bowl at the local pet store, they’ll more than likely check OfferUp for a discounted version of the item. Water bowls that have quirky designs are a bonus.

23. Cat Toys

If you’re like most people, you’ve been taken in by a cute cat video or two. How do you think those pet owners get those cats to pull off all of those crazy antics? They use a variety of cat toys. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of people out there who think that their cats have Instagram star power.

24. Self-Flushing Litter Box

For many people, lockdowns have lifted, and they’re spending more time away from home. While pet cats are independent creatures, they do require regular litter box cleaning. The CatGenie self-flushing, self-washing litter box gives cat owners the freedom to leave home without fear of returning to a smelly, unhygienic home later.

Sellling on OfferUp: The bottom line

OfferUp is a flexible online shopping platform that makes peer-to-peer selling look almost effortless. To get the most out of the tool and to improve your seller experience, do some research prior to listing inventory for sale. If there is an ongoing price war on drones among dozens of sellers, don’t try to sell yours right away.

Wait for better selling conditions. Watch for shortages of stock at retail stores; those are often the best times to sell your used items online. Take great product photos and write engaging descriptions to make your listings stand out from the crowd.

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