How to Earn Free PayPal Money Instantly | 13 Ways That Work in 2023

While not everybody loves PayPal, everybody loves to earn free PayPal money. With electronic money accounts like PayPal, millions of users store and spend money on activities and online purchases every day.

In 2020, PayPal completed 25% more transactions than in 2019, cementing PayPal as one of the most used and trusted digital currency options worldwide.

But did you know you can earn free money in your PayPal account?

In this blog post, I’m going to go over the best sites where you can earn free PayPal money (instantly).

These sites won’t cost you a dime to use but do require you to do something. Want to learn more? Let’s do this.

13 Ways to Earn Free PayPal Money Instantly

1. ibotta ($20 signup bonus)

Ibotta, pronounced “I-bought-ah,” is a purchase tracking app that helps users save money and earn cash back for purchases made linked to the account.

You can earn up to $20 free PayPal cash by completing a few tasks within the first 30 days of signing up.

To get started, sign up with ibotta here, download the app and browser extension. Then, complete these tasks.

  • Get a $10 welcome bonus for redeeming an in-store offer
  • Get a $5 welcome bonus for redeeming a mobile shopping offer
  • Get another $5 welcome bonus for redeeming an in-store or mobile shopping offer

While you technically have to buy things, these purchases can be products you were going to buy anyway. As long as the site you’re buying from is an ibotta partner, they’ll earn a commission when you make a purchase. And you? You make that nice free PayPal cash.

To get paid out to your PayPal account, link it with ibotta to redeem points directly to your PayPal. Once you reach $20, you can redeem your points for PayPal cash.

Want to earn more? Refer a friend! If someone uses your referral code and redeems an offer, you instantly get $10 credited to your Ibotta account.

To earn even more, link your loyalty cards to Ibotta to earn cashback on qualifying purchases, which you can redeem to PayPal.

Finally, pay attention to Ibotta’s goal tracker to hit weekly, monthly, or yearly goals, to earn tons of extra points to convert to PayPal cash.

2. Swagbucks ($10 signup bonus)

Just for signing up and downloading the Swagbucks app, you can earn a free $10 bonus to transfer to your PayPal account.

Once you get started, Swagbucks gives you tons of ways to earn quick, free cash based on what you do.

Swagbucks gives points, convertible to PayPal cash, for the following tasks:

  • Watching videos or advertisements
  • Answering online surveys
  • Shopping online using Swagbucks links

When you complete these tasks, you earn SB’s (Swag Bucks) which you can turn into PayPal cash.

Want to earn your $10 signup bonus? Sign up with Swagbucks here.

4. InboxDollars ($5 signup bonus)

InboxDollars is another great survey site that gives a $5 PayPal credit just for signing up. InboxDollars also has a bunch of easy, quick ways to start filling up your PayPal account through:

  • Taking online surveys for payouts from $.50 to up to $20 for each that you qualify for
  • Watching product videos or movie trailers
  • Completing a short survey while watching a video to double-up on earnings
  • Playing online games
  • Using coupons to earn cashback rewards

5. PrizeRebel

Another survey site, PrizeRebel, offers online surveys and videos to watch that payout cash to your PayPal account. They also regularly hand out free point codes on social media to add to your account, redeemable for PayPal cash.

But if you stick it out, any referrals that start using PrizeRebel will add in money to your account because you earn a lifetime percentage of their payout, too, into your PrizeRebel account of 15-30% of their earnings. This one takes a while but referring friends and family to this company can really add the dollars to your account without doing any extra work!

6. OpinionOutpost

This survey site does not have a signup bonus. But OpinionOutpost offers big payouts for some of their surveys of over $25, making a big dent in your PayPal balance pretty quickly.

7. Pinecone Research

Like the other survey companies, signing up for Pinecone is quick, and you can jump on the survey earnings right away. Even though there is no signup bonus, Pinecone only asks you to earn $3 before transferring your earnings to PayPal to cash in, which is one of the lowest thresholds for survey companies.

8. LifePoints

Earn LifePoints, or LPs, to convert to PayPal cash by completing online surveys and giving feedback on brands and products.

Just for signing up, you’ll earn 10 LPs right away, so by completing a few surveys, you can earn a PayPal payout quickly. You’re also sent links to surveys to complete, but they might also offer you other brand or product review opportunities.

It all depends on what LifePoint needs at that time, so LifePoints makes no guarantee to complete tons of surveys immediately.

9. Receipt Hog

This app and browser extension allows you to snap pictures of receipts you have to earn coins to turn into PayPal cash. Once you sign up, link your PayPal account, and get out your phone and paper receipts to get started!

“Coin” receipts will earn you Hog Coins that can be converted to PayPal money, but not all receipts will earn you cash. For example, spin ones earn you a possibility to spin a virtual wheel for prizes or cash, and Sweepstake ones give you a chance to earn a big coin win once every month. For the total of 60 receipts a week allowed to be used, you can only upload 20 in each of the following categories:

  • “Coin” earning receipts from fast-selling retail sellers like grocery stores
  • “Spin” earning receipts from all other retailers, like sporting good stores, clothing, or home goods sellers
  • “Sweepstakes” earning receipts from gas stations, restaurants, bars, delis, cafés, and bakeries

10. Rakuten

Avid online shoppers will love Rakuten, which has over 120 million users as of 2020. Formerly known as Ebates, this pay for shopping app will give you a $10 signup bonus once you spend $25 with the app.

Although not technically free, Rakuten has partnered with over 2000 online retailers, so likely you can just keep buying what you already do, where you already have been buying it, but earn cashback with Rakuten. Download the browser extension or use the Rakuten credit card for all purchases to start earning points to turn to cash.

Set up your PayPal account to receive the quarterly reward payout, which means you’ll get paid no more than 4 times per year. You can earn more Rakuten points to convert to cash with these other methods on this huge platform:

  • Take advantage of the best reward rates
  • Use their coupons to unlock bigger rewards
  • Shop during promotional events like double cashback days or days with increased percentages on reward points
  • Use the Hot Deals section to find extra free items or gifts with those purchases
  • Refer friends and family for a $25 bonus for each person that signs up and starts using Rakuten!

11. Refer friends to buy crypto on PayPal

Let’s be honest, PayPal would love to have more users, just like every other company! Take advantage of this by earning $10 for every friend or family member that buys crypto on Paypal.

They’ll have to spend $5 on crypto for your payment to trigger in your account. But the best part? They’ll earn $10 free PayPal money too!

You can refer up to 10 friends, for a total payment of $50.

12. GrabPoints

Like other survey sites, GrabPoints lets you quickly earn points to convert to PayPal cash with questionnaires, surveys, and polls. But you can also download apps for points as well as watch videos for them too.

You can earn 500 points, which sounds like a lot, for each referral you give out that joins. But PayPal payouts start at $5, which is actually 5,000 points. The GrabPoints leaderboard shows that top earners accumulate between 10,000 and 30,000 per day, so a fast PayPal cash out is actually possible with this company if you are willing to put in a little time doing stuff on GrabPoints.

13. 1Q App

Since the app is super convenient to use on your phone, earning quick PayPal cash on 1Q is easy to do from anywhere at any time. Once downloaded, you can start answering literally super-fast questions (20 seconds is what 1Q users say), earning $.25 per individual question.

Surveys with five or more questions can really add up, and the payments are added to your PayPal account immediately, so there is no waiting or having to “cash out” at a minimum threshold. You can also earn more with 1Q if you:

  • Turn on push notifications and location services to answer as many questions as possible
  • Act fast since question limitations can be reached quickly by other users
  • Jump on questions quickly before they expire, earning you no cash reward

You can start earning plenty of free PayPal cash right away using our suggestions and a little time. And if you keep on using these tips and tricks, you will see your PayPal balance continue to rise!

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