9 Highest Paying Non-Medical Jobs That Are Hot in 2023

Are you tired of doing the job you’re doing right now? Are you a student that’s looking ahead, finding options for your future? If so, you might be looking for non-medical jobs that pay well.

When you start looking online, you’ll see that many high-paid jobs are in the medical field. There are so many of these roles, but you don’t want something that requires a medical degree.

Does that mean that you can’t get a high-paying job without going into medicine? Not all.

Instead, you need to look further afield to find those roles that will pay you handsomely.

Why Not Medicine?

If you want a job that pays some of the highest salaries around, then you may already be considering medicine. Job search site Indeed says that you can earn over $300,000 a year as an anesthesiologist, for example.

Sounds good, right? The problem is, you need to do all the groundwork first.

You’ll need to go to college for much longer than the average student, which will result in more debt. You’ll be working hard to pay that off for the first few years of your career.

Plus, you won’t be making that money when you start out. You’ll need to work your way up the ladder, and that takes time.

Also, you may not be scientifically minded. If you’re thinking of going to college, you need to pick a major you can excel in.

If you’re not gifted in the right subjects, then medicine won’t be for you.

How to make the most money at your job

When looking into a new career, you need to consider how you’ll make your money. It’s not enough just to show up every day and be there.

You need to put in the work to get ahead. How do you do that?

There are several ways that you get noticed at work and get ahead. These include:

  • Increase your skill set to make yourself more valuable
  • Be the most superior worker in your company
  • Learn to play the company’s politics game

Even if you do all this, though, sometimes it still won’t be enough. That doesn’t mean you’re not worth the money; it means the company you work for doesn’t value you the way they should.

In this case, you have two options: either move to another company or become self-employed.

If you’re in this position, then you’ll start eyeing other job prospects that will pay you what you’re worth.

9 Highest Paying Non-Medical Jobs

So, what jobs can you find that will pay you well and give you what you’re looking for? The following roles don’t require you to have a college degree in many cases, so you’ll be able to get started right away.

Here are 9 highly paying jobs (that are non-medical related) you could get into and start making the money you want.

Business Coach

Average salary: $73,804

If you’ve been in your industry for a long time and accrued a lot of experience, then you could be perfect as a business coach. There are plenty of business owners out there who are looking for experts to help them solve certain problems.

For example, as a business coach, you could be asked to help a business increase its revenue, help individuals advance in their careers, or help a business grow.

This is perfect for many people as they won’t need to retrain to get into the career. However, you will need to invest in yourself first.

To become a business coach, you’ll need to do some training first. If you’re willing to do this, though, it’s well worth it.

The average salary for a business coach is $73,804, although it can be as high as $164,000. The more experience you have, the better that money will be.

Software Engineer

Average salary: $107,264

In this day and age, software engineers are needed more than ever. If you already have experience coding or are willing to learn, this could be perfect for you.

Software engineers are responsible for everything from website design to app creation and more. In the past, you would be required to take a computer science degree to get a foot in the door.

These days, a degree is helpful but not required. If you have a degree in something else, you can take courses to become an accredited software engineer.

This makes it easy for you to change course if you want to start a new career or get started, even if you don’t have a degree.

The amount of money you’ll make will depend on the company you’re working for, but the average is over $100,000 a year. You can also expect bonuses too, with the average being around $4,000 a year.


Average salary: $45,940

One of the joys of being a salesperson is that you don’t need a degree at all. There are many successful people out there, such as Michael Dell and John Paul Dejoria, who never made it through college and are now billionaires.

You may be thinking, ‘sales, really?’ It sounds odd when the average pay listed above is low compared to the others on this list.

Remember that the number is just an average, though. There are salespeople out there who are easily making twice that every year.

If you are already good at sales, then you want to find the right clients. The best money comes from business to business or B2B sales.

Any good salesperson knows their job isn’t selling the product; it’s solving the client’s problems. If you can empathize with them and solve their problem for them, you’ll be able to get that sale.


Average salary: $79,000

You may not have considered blogging as a way to make money. Right now, you’re blogging just as a way to update others on your interests or hobbies.

If you already have a blog, then you can find ways to monetize it. Some of the best bloggers out there say they make over $10,000 a month on their blog.

While you may not make that much, you can make enough to live off with your writing. The key is to offer excellent, exciting, and informative blogs to your readers.

There’s also the option to blog for other companies. Many companies keep bloggers on staff to create content for their websites.

However you get into blogging, you can make money passively through it. Some bloggers have found that they can get their workweek down to just four hours once they’ve established themselves.

If you want a job that offers flexibility as well as a potentially high income, then blogging will be for you.

Underwater Welder

Average salary: $150,000

Bet you weren’t expecting this career to show up on this list. If you’re someone who’s better with their hands and has a taste for danger and excitement, you should consider becoming an underwater welder.

It’s a high-risk, high-reward type of job. You’ll be expected to dive to sometimes extreme depths to complete welding jobs.

Of course, that’s not for the faint-hearted. If you’re someone who lives for that kind of excitement, though, you’re going to find it very rewarding.

You don’t need a college degree for this role, either. You just need a high school diploma or GED and the ability to pass a diving physical.

Be aware that several factors affect your pay from job to job. These include the time you spend underwater, the depth, the equipment used, and so on.

Data Scientist

Average salary: $115,208

How about a job that you need a higher-level degree to complete? If you hold a Ph.D. in math or a behavioral field, then data science could be the field to work in.

In today’s age, data is everything. Companies need data scientists to analyze the data they have and use it to improve their processes.

For example, Amazon may use the data and statistical models you create as scientists to test different changes to customers’ behavior on their site.

Many Ph.D. holders find it’s difficult to find high-paying work once they complete their education. This is one of the fields where you really can make some serious cash.

You don’t need to wait too long, either. In around 2 years, you can be making the top salary at your company.

Information Security Analyst

Average salary: $89,140

These days, there’s more private information about everyone online than ever before. With this comes the need for experts to keep that data safe and secure.

That’s where information security analysts come in. They are the people who work to keep sites secure from hackers, phishers, scammers, and more.

There are plenty of sites that have made the headlines after being hacked and leaking their customer’s data. Remember Wells Fargo, Facebook, and even the Ashley Madison leaks?

If you want to get into a career that’s bound to keep growing, this is the one for you. If you have a degree in cybersecurity, then you’re going to be one step ahead.

However, that doesn’t mean those without degrees can’t get in the door. If you have any training or certifications in IT security, that can be enough to land you the right job.

Talent Agent

Average salary: $200,000

Want to turn your hand to something a little bit different? When you think of making millions, you think of the celebrities in the performing arts.

However, those celebrities had to get their start somewhere. As a talent agent, you’re the one who’ll set those people on the path to stardom.

You don’t need to get a degree to get into this role, although having a Juris Doctor (JD) degree can help if you’re setting up your own agency. The best way to get in is to start as an assistant or in another role within an agency.

You’ll need to be determined to get into the role, which means networking and making connections. If you’re already working in the entertainment industry, that will be a bonus.

This role suits people born to mingle with others and look for the spark that makes someone special. If that sounds like you, you could make a minimum of $200,000 a year.

The amount you make depends on the profile of your clients, though, so there’s no upper limit on what you can make here.

Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) Accountant

Average salary: $60,796

Obviously, landing a job with a government agency is going to help you make good, steady money. If you’re already in accounting and want to start getting paid well, you’ll want to become a ? Securities And Exchange Commission Accountant.

SEC accountants are in charge of audits, financial reporting, reviewing financial issues, and so on. There are likely many of you reading this who are thinking, ‘yes, I could do that!’

The only issue is that government jobs are always hard to come by. It’s always easier if you have any connections, so if you have make the most of them.

If not, then you’ll want to keep an eye on the USA Jobs site. You’ll be able to create a profile and get notifications if any new jobs show up.

The average salary is $60,796, but it’s reported that you can get salaries over $90,000 in this role. If you’re great at what you do, you’ll be rewarded well in this role.

Non-medical jobs: The bottom line

If you’re tired of being underappreciated in your current job, perhaps one of these highly paid roles is for you. Whether you already have experience, or you’re just dipping your toe into the job pool, there’s something here for you.

Take a look at this list and see if you could take on any of these jobs. The chances are that high-salary non-medical jobs are out there waiting for you.

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