How Much is $35 Per Hour Annually and What Jobs Pay $35/hr in 2023?

Maybe you’ve heard someone bragging that they make $35 per hour. But, how much do they make annually? If a person makes $35 per hour, they earn $72,800 annually (if they work 2,080 hours per year). That’s a pretty sweet amount of money.

So, now you’re wondering how you can make $35 an hour. Don’t sweat it; we’ve done the hard work for you. Listed below are jobs that you can earn at least $35 an hour and a brief description of what you’d expect to do to earn that money.

15 jobs that pay $35 per hour ($72,800 annually)

1. Computer programmers

A computer programmer can make as much as $35 per hour. This job requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer information systems, or another IT-related field in most states. In addition, you should have exceptional knowledge of at least one programming language and excellent problem-solving skills to succeed in this position.

If you’re a skilled programmer, you’ll enjoy working with other programmers to develop computer applications, games, and websites. You’ll also have to work well with customers and clients, listening to their requests and needs to design a program that suits their needs.

2. Animal scientists

Animal scientists work in research and development to improve animal breeds. These jobs are found in related fields such as zoology, veterinary medicine, and animal nutrition.

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in biological science, animal physiology, or development from an accredited university to get this position. In addition, you’ll need to have an understanding of animal structure and function. In most cases, you’ll work with animals in a research lab.

You’ll often be required to perform experiments on animals. You’ll use computers to collect data and analyze your findings.

3. Elevator installers and repairers

These jobs are found in the field of mechanical engineering. Your annual salary will depend on your level of experience and your employer’s volume of business. For example, you may expect to earn around $35 to $40 per hour if you’re just starting. However, if you have five or more years of experience, expect to earn $45 to $50 per hour.

You’ll typically be responsible for the repair, installation, and maintenance of elevators. Therefore, you’ll need to possess a combination of manual dexterity, physical strength, and coordination.

You can earn extra money by becoming an elevator inspector if your employer allows it. In this case, you can expect to earn $65 to $80 per hour.

4. Audiologists

Audiologists perform diagnostic hearing tests on humans. Your job will require a master’s or doctorate in audiology. In most cases, you’ll be required to perform telephonic and in-office testing on individual patients. You’ll also have to conduct training on hearing loss for patients of all ages.

You can expect to earn between $35 and $40 per hour performing this job. You can also earn extra money working from home or in private practice as a hearing health counselor. You’ll earn $50 to $60 per hour in this case.

5. Radiation Therapists

Radiation therapists administer and monitor radiation treatments to patients. Therefore, they must have at least an associate’s degree in radiation therapy. In addition, they’ll need to pass an examination from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists to receive their state license.

Radiation therapists can almost always expect to earn around $35 per hour. On average, they can expect to earn approximately $60,000 annually. If you’re interested in a radiation therapist job, you may want to consider becoming an assistant in this field. In most cases, these professionals earn between $26 and $30 per hour.

6. Chiropractor

Chiropractors are people who treat the health of the spine and nervous system. They perform treatments using spinal manipulation, joint manipulation, massage, and other massage techniques. Most chiropractors do this type of work independently or as part of a group practice.

In most cases, you can expect to earn around $45 per hour. However, if you’re in private practice, you can earn more and make around $95,000 annually.

7. Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are responsible for the style and appearance of clothing, accessories, shoes, and other fashion products. They design (or help to design) the look of an article of clothing or a product.

Most fashion designers work for a company that designs clothing. However, they can also work for a company that designs accessories such as belts, shoes, and jewelry.

You can earn $40 to $45 per hour as a fashion designer (source). If you’re interested in this position, you’ll want to have a degree in fashion design.

8. Architects

Architects are responsible for designing new buildings, remodeling old buildings, and designing new structures. Most architects work in the field of architecture or design.

The primary job of an architect is to design residential, commercial, office, and public buildings. Therefore, an architect must have a good understanding of architectural codes and standards.

A typical salary for an architect varies depending on the project they’re working on, their experience, and their business location. You can earn anywhere from $35 to $45 per hour.

9. Physical Therapists

Physical therapists work with people who have mobility problems resulting from a heart condition, muscular dystrophy, or other health issues. These professionals are responsible for conducting tests to determine if physical movements cause their patients’ pain. They also develop treatment programs to restore and improve physical function.

Physical therapists can find work in various settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, and private practice. On average, physical therapists earn around $45 per hour (source). In addition, they may find work with health maintenance organizations that provide physical therapy services to patients of an insurance company.

10. Database administrators

Database administrators are responsible for the design, administration, and modification of database systems. In addition, they create software programs that make it easier for people to use computer databases.

You’ll need some degree in computer science, information systems, or a related field to work as a database administrator. You’ll also need to earn at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information systems.

The average salary for a database administrator varies depending on their location, experience, and employer’s volume of business. It’s not uncommon for an entry-level database administrator to earn $40 to $45 per hour, while a more experienced professional can make $55 to $65 per hour.

11. Geographers

Geographers are responsible for the study of the earth and its features. In most cases, they’ll work within an academic setting. Their primary job is to research the physical features of the earth. They’ll also examine the human impact on these features.

The average salary varies depending on their experience, the types of industries they work with, and their location. Entry-level geographers can expect to earn around $40 per hour. Some geographers can expect to earn over $75,000 per year (source).

12. Casino manager

A casino manager runs the casino and supervises the employees who manage and maintain it. They hire and oversee all security, accounting, housekeeping, and maintenance staff. They also coordinate activities with the entertainment director and other casino staff.

Casino managers must have at least a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field, along with two years of experience in the industry. They can hold casino manager jobs at most large casinos and resorts.

The average salary for a casino manager is around $35 to $46 per hour. Some big casinos may pay more than this, while smaller casinos may pay less. It’s also important to keep in mind that your salary will vary based on the size of the casino you manage.

13. Chemists

Chemists are responsible for the testing and analysis of industrial materials and chemicals. They must have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a related field.

The average salary for a chemist depends mainly on their experience. Entry-level chemists can expect to earn around $35 to $40 per hour, while more experienced professionals can expect to earn about $45 and up.

14. Real estate brokers

Real estate brokers are responsible for the selling and renting of homes. They must have a real estate license to work in this position. A real estate broker can work for a private company or as a self-employed agent.

Real estate brokers earn anywhere from $30 to $50 per hour, depending on their experience and business location. In addition, they may be paid commission from the sale of properties or the closing of a deal.

15. Education administrators

Educational administrators oversee all of the activities within a school. They must have at least a master’s degree in education and/or psychology.

An education administrator may be responsible for hiring and supervising teachers, managing school budgets, maintaining student records, and developing instructional programs. They can find work in public and private schools.

Typical salaries for education administrators vary depending on where they work. The average salary is around $40 per hour, although some districts may pay more.

As you can see, earning $35 per hour is not all that hard. The key is finding a position that matches your skills and interests. Take some time to review these positions and explore the different career paths they offer. You may discover a new career that allows you to earn $35 an hour.

The best way to earning $35 per hour is to invest in yourself. So, go to college or attend a trade school to give yourself the best opportunity to earn $35/hr. To make that amount (or more), you’ll also need to work hard, show a good attitude, and be willing to learn new skills. With a high level of commitment and effort, you’ll earn at least $35 and, more than likely, a whole lot more!

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