15 Best Jobs Where You Work Alone [Updated for 2023]

While some people love working in a group setting, some prefer jobs where they work alone. If you prefer working alone, you might want to find a job that gives you that freedom.

Below are 15 jobs that allow you to work alone.

15 best jobs where you work alone

Network Administrator

A network administrator helps manage the day-to-day operation of networks. They often organize, install, and provide support for computer systems in a variety of industries. Sometimes they might manage other data communication, ensuring the smooth operations of the company.

This is a great job if you want to get away from the demands of working on a team. However, most network administrators need to keep up digital communication with department heads or clients.

Despite the need to communicate on occasion, the bulk of network administration is done independently. Instead of solving problems collaboratively with a team, a network administrator works through problems using logic and personal troubleshooting skills.


Working as a writer is the ultimate setup for those who want to work alone. Writers work by themselves to research, write and edit text for a variety of purposes. Whether you work as a freelancer or as a regular writer for a company, the bulk of your work will be done in solitude.

Writing isn’t just a job for novelists. Because written content is everywhere, writers can specialize in a variety of formats. Paid writers may produce poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction, satire, or any other writing.

Although a writer will need to communicate with their clients, the vast majority of their work will be done completely alone. That makes writing the perfect job for anyone who prefers to work alone.


Accountants offer a variety of financial services to companies or individuals. Although they often work in accounting firms, accountants do the majority of their work alone.

Tax preparation and business accounting are just a few of the things you might do as an accountant. Contact with clients is required to get the necessary information, but the bulk of that information can be transmitted by mail or online. The time spent talking to others will be minimal.

Accounting is a great job for a detail-oriented person who prefers to complete work alone. Even though many accountants work in an office space with other people, they complete their work independently.

Pet Sitter

A pet sitter takes care of an individual’s pets when they are away from home. That means that the only “people” they work with are the animals in their care.

Pet sitters perform their job by going to the homes of pet owners and making sure that the animal has plenty of food and water, has a chance to go for a walk, and has any grooming or hygiene needs managed.

This job is particularly good for those who love pets and prefer to work alone. Although pet sitters need to communicate with the pet owners, their face-to-face contact with other people is very limited.


Transcriptionists type transcripts to accompany audio or video media. These jobs often pay well and always allow you to work independently.

It’s important that you can type both quickly and accurately to be a transcriptionist. Often, transcription work pays for how much work you get done instead of an hourly rate. While this offers flexibility in your schedule, it may also mean that your hourly rate is below minimum wage.

Web or Software Developer

Web and software developers are often stereotyped and anti-social types who hide out in the basements of buildings, writing code. While real web developers often do their work above-ground, this job is indeed done mostly in solitude.

If you are interested in programming or online work, web and software development may be the right fit for you. These developers work to create applications that can be used by a variety of companies and individuals.

Because web and software developers produce work for clients, they may often be required to communicate with other developers and management. Those in senior development positions may find that a lot of their time is spent reviewing code and communicating with subordinates.

However, despite some of the communication demands of the job, the bulk of work done by web and software developers is done alone.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers do the work to create appealing designs for a variety of purposes. They may create advertisements, design packaging, create website layouts, and more. These designers use their eye for visual art to create products and advertising materials.

Despite many of them working in an office setting, the bulk of graphic design work is done independently. Many graphic designers are given the freedom to work from home, allowing them to be in solitude while working on projects.

Freelancing as a graphic designer is also a good option, especially if you don’t want to work in an office setting. Although you’ll need to communicate with clients, you’re given the freedom to work alone and at your own pace.

Data Entry Professional

Data entry is a job that allows you to work completely alone. Similar to a transcriptionist, a data entry professional enters information into digital databases, spreadsheets, or other platforms.

This job requires serious attention to detail and perfect accuracy at the keyboard. Because of the level of detail required, a data entry professional needs to make sure their workspace is free of distractions (including other people).

Similar to other jobs in this list, a data entry professional will still need to do some amount of communication with clients or their company of employment. However, most of the work done by a data entry professional can be done alone.

Proofreader or Editor

Proofreaders make sure the text is free of errors and ready for publication. They edit articles, books, and other text.

Offering proofreading services is great if you have a sharp eye and good attention to detail. Although programs like Grammarly can catch some errors in writing, there is still no replacement for a real human proofreader.

Proofreading or editing is a job that is done mostly alone. Although an editor will need to communicate with clients or employers, all of the actual editing work can be done alone.

Truck Driver

If you like long hours on the road with no one to talk to, working as a truck driver might be the perfect job for you! Truck drivers can make deliveries within a certain geographic area, or they can haul products along long stretches of highway.

Jobs as a truck driver pay well because of the physical demands of the job and the isolation caused by long drives and nights away from home. However, if you enjoy your solitude, this is a job that can help you make an income without needing to interact with many people.


An actuary works for the insurance industry by determining foreseeable risks. They use these calculations to help insurance agencies determine the cost of insurance for individuals and businesses.

Actuaries can complete their work alone from anywhere once they have the proper information needed to make their calculations. Although this job typically requires a degree, it is a great option for those looking to work alone.


When done right, blogging can become a full-time job for some. By sharing content online within a certain niche, bloggers can monetize their web content.

There are lots of ways to monetize a blog. Advertisements, affiliate marketing, and selling products (like an ebook or online course) can all provide income to a blogger.

Although some bloggers can choose niches that involve spending time around people, the bulk of the work in blogging is done alone. Writing, editing, and sharing content can all be done from the comfort of home.


Whether cleaning individuals’ houses or working at a business, housekeepers can complete the majority of their work in solitude.

Housekeepers who work for a business like a hotel may have limited interaction with guests. However, the work they do in cleaning and preparing rooms for guests can be done without talking to others.

If you want to work as a housekeeper without needing to talk to people, consider a job cleaning offices or other businesses at night. Without others around, you’re free to get your work done without interruption.

Video Editor

With the increased popularity of video content, the need for video editors has also increased. Video editors piece together footage and add effects to create a finished product.

Video editors can work for a company or offer their services as freelancers. Both types of video editors will need to have some level of comfort communicating with clients. However, most of the work they do in editing videos will be done at their computer.

Crafter or Artisan

People who love creating arts, crafts, or other handmade items can make their income by selling those products online. While many artisans may sell their items in person at events, items can be sold online through websites like Etsy or Amazon.

All of the work to create, photograph, and list items online can be done alone. Although conversations with buyers will be a part of the job, most of the work can be done alone. This is a great job for creative introverts with a mind for business.

Jobs where you work alone: The bottom line

You don’t have to work with others to have a successful career. Professionals from a variety of fields can complete their work in isolation, making these jobs perfect for introverts and people who want to work alone.

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