What Are the Most Profitable Businesses to Start? 23 Fresh Ideas for 2023

Some of the most profitable businesses are also the simplest in terms of getting started. Sure, you’ll need to put in the legwork and be willing to work hard, but if you have a big idea that impacts the world, this can be easily accomplished.

Starting a business takes a lot of courage, commitment, and passion. Here is a list of businesses that are the most profitable right out of the gate. Sure, you might notice a few hiccups along the way, but if you have a well-thought-out plan, you’ll be able to weather the storm and rise to the top.

23 most profitable businesses to start

Start your own cleaning company

A cleaning company is an almost pure profit business. All you need are cleaning supplies and a willingness to work hard. The most lucrative cleaning jobs you’ll get are those for office buildings, convenience stores, and gas stations.

A great place to start is getting contracts from big grocery stores to clean at night. They need to clean the bins, vacuum the spaces, mop the floors, and get rid of the trash.

Be a wedding photographer

The great idea is to be there to capture the happiest day of a couple’s life. You’re able to ask for a steep price and have the added benefit of having them forever in your portfolio. All you need is a camera and the skills to know how to use it.

Invest in a rental property

Renting out your property is easy and profitable. You don’t need much more than some money, a nice piece of real estate, and an eye for detail. Choose a property in a great neighborhood, then fix it up and rent it out.

Make sure to account for expenses like taxes, utilities, maintenance, and everything else that can be deducted from your income. Also, be sure that you have the appropriate insurance coverage.

Become a consultant

If you can show that you have experience with a specific area of business and that expertise, you’ll be able to charge ridiculous amounts for your services. You’ll need to be sure to have a great portfolio of past work.

We’ve all seen these people before. They come into the office, talk a big game, and then underperform. So it’s important that you deliver on your promise and leave happy clients in your wake.


Businesses like these (and others) can be started for a few hundred dollars with little to no initial expenses. Dropshipping allows you to sell the products of another store onto your website, and once the order is placed, they ship it.

It’s a great business model to create a side hustle and generate income while working on another venture.

Personal trainer

For the right individual, this can be a very lucrative business. You’ll need to be properly certified and have a decent clientele. This can all be accomplished with some time on your hands and dedication.

Start your own accounting firm

This is very lucrative, but it requires certification and experience. You’ll need to prove that you have what the companies are looking for and be sure that you’re charging them reasonably.

This is a big commitment and one to be taken seriously. You should also consider adding other services like payroll and bookkeeping to make a full suite of services available.

Computer repair shop

This is another great business for someone looking to make a full-time income without needing much help. All you’ll need is your computer, some tools, and experience.

Nothing makes people angrier than when something goes wrong with their computers. You come and save the day, and you’re able to charge quite a bit of money for your work. If you can come to the customer and work on their computer in person, you’ll make even more money.

Food truck

To bring the restaurant to the consumer, consider starting a food truck business. Food trucks can be profitable businesses primarily because you don’t need a lot of overhead. All you need is a truck and a few delicious recipes.

Language tutoring

If you’re confident in your language skills, you can become a language tutor. People will pay you to help them with their grammar and writing in the language you know. There are big bucks to be made if you can create a solid reputation.

Digital marketing agency

If you have the wherewithal and a team, you can build a digital marketing agency that brings in millions of dollars. Marketing is essential in today’s world, and it’s a great way to start making money.

Companies big and small are looking to increase their presence on the internet. Companies that need internet marketing services will pay a lot of money for someone knowledgeable in the industry.


Everyone hates telemarketers, but let’s be honest, it’s a fantastic form of marketing. If you have a voice that people enjoy hearing and a willingness to work the phones, you can be making money while doing something you love.

You need to make sure that everything you do complies with the laws regarding telemarketing. Therefore, it’s essential to do your research and stay up to date with the latest regulations.

Personal Chef

If you have a love for cooking, you can easily start your own personal chef business. Your target should be wealthy people willing to spend a few dollars hiring someone to cook delicious food for them.

You can try to get one rich client or be a personal chef to enough people where you can earn a full-time income. It’s also possible for you to hire a few other chefs and have them do most of the work for you.

Start an SEO agency

All businesses that have a website want to rank it higher on Google. If you can optimize your marketing skills, you can start an SEO agency. You’ll be able to charge a lot of money and enjoy working from home.

SEO isn’t the hocus pocus that many people make it out to be. It’s a straightforward process that you can repeat and see the same results.

Open up a coffee shop

People are willing to spend big bucks on a cup of coffee. Coffee shops are great because they require little overhead investment but can bring in impressive profits. Just make sure that you take the neighborhood into account and pick a good location.

Pet sitting service

This is another service that can help you generate income from your home. You’ll be paid to take care of pets while their owners are out of town. This is an excellent service for busy professionals who need a helping hand.

If you have a solid list of happy customers on Rover, why not branch out and cut out the middleman?

Tax preparation

A tax preparation business is a great business to start if you’re willing to put in the time. Millions of Americans are looking to hire someone to do their taxes every year. This is a lucrative business that will attract many customers.

Website design

Companies are often willing to spend thousands of dollars to have someone design their website for them. If you have the skills, you can make a high income by doing website design.

Some time down the line, you’ll want to hire a couple of designers so they can take the load off you and do the work. That way, you can spend your time seeking out clients who are willing to shell out thousands of dollars for your services.

Become a model

If you’re willing to put yourself out there, you can find work as a model. If you look the part, then you’ll be able to find work in no time. Women have a much easier time breaking into modeling, but you too can make money by being your beautiful self if you’re a handsome guy.

Start up a handyman business

Handymen are always in demand. Homeowners are always looking for someone thorough and reliable. You’ll be able to make some really nice money if you know how to fix just about anything that can go wrong with a house.

Real estate agency

This is a lucrative business because home sales are on the rise. A real estate agency can help a person sell their home and make quite a bit of money for the effort. If you live in an area where homes are costly, your commissions could be through the roof.

App development

If you’ve got a great idea for an app, you can use it to make money. Apps are a great way to make money because people are always looking for new apps to download. The more in demand the app is, the more money you’ll be able to charge.

You can create your own apps or make them for customers. You might find that it’s more lucrative to hire a few developers and have them code apps for clients while you run the business side of things.

Delivery services

You can start your own delivery service and focus on a specific area. For example, let’s say you live in an area where people need their dry cleaning or pizza delivered, then just deliver those things and make money off the deliveries.

Think outside the box and find businesses that aren’t delivering and try to offer them your services. That’s how you’ll corner untapped markets and won’t have to worry about competition.

The most profitable businesses: The bottom line

This list is jammed packed with ideas that can help you start profitable businesses right from the beginning. Some of these businesses will bring in money within days or weeks of you starting them. These businesses are all proven money makers, and you can try them out to see which one works for you.

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