25 Best Work at Home Part-Time Jobs (Updated for 2023)

Whether you’re looking to add a little bit extra to your current income or need something to supplement your current lifestyle, I got you covered. We have scoured the internet to find you some of the top-paying part-time jobs that you can potentially start right now.

Why should you get a part-time job?

Part-time jobs are a great way to bring in some extra money without giving a full commitment to a company in return. Working a few hours a day or a few days per week is the ideal situation for some people out there, and that’s perfectly okay!

While you’re not going to get rich with a part-time job, a little bit of income is better than no income. Or a little bit more is better than no improvement at all. In addition, a part-time job or doing some small side gigs may give you the experience needed to one day seek out more full-time work or maybe start a business of your own.

Many offer hours that do not confine to the typical 9 to 5 schedule, making flexibility a big reason for picking up a part-time job.

Best part-time jobs for 2023


There is money in blogging, which is why starting a blog is a popular part-time job market. But, it can be tricky to get started. You won’t start off making a ton of money in the beginning, but if you stick with it and write detailed, unique, relevant content regularly, you can grow your readers and start earning big money.

Delivery jobs

Food delivery services like DoorDash, Waitr, and Uber Eats are great options to get started delivering food to hungry patrons.

Apps like Postmates and Instacart also offer a wide variety of delivery jobs that can include shopping and picking up orders for delivery. Look for jobs that offer great perks like discounted food, auto insurance, and even roadside assistance. The best thing about these kinds of gigs? You decide when you work, which means you are in control of how much you make.

House sitter/caretaker

House sitting may be one of the most straightforward part-time jobs out there. You are essentially getting paid to check in periodically (and sometimes stay overnight) at someone else’s house while they’re out of town.

Your duties may include watering the plants, checking the mail, and ensuring the house is safe while the owners are away. Some of the easier jobs that require periodic check-ins will pay $25-$45 per day, which isn’t bad for an hour or two worth of work! Websites like MindMyHouse and TrustedHousesitters make it easy for house sitters to find homeowners in need of their services.

Freelance work

Choosing to become a freelancer for your part-time job opens up a large window of opportunity because countless positions and different types of work are available. Whatever skills you may have, odds are someone is willing to pay for you to do work for them.

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork will connect you, as a freelancer, with customers that need custom work done. Categories can range from graphic design to editing, photography, and even accounting gigs. One lady on Fiverr makes about $30,000 per month writing resumes!

You can work from home doing something you are passionate about or even just good at, and you can start right now!

Writing jobs

Sites like Verblio, TextBroker, and WriterAccess are great places to start with freelance writing if you have decent writing skills and a better-than-average attention span. Your pay will depend on the length and topic of whichever article you write. However, there is potential to make some pretty decent money if you stick with it and build up a client base that appreciates your writing style.

Proofreader gigs

If you have a knack for noticing grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, look into proofreading gigs. Simple jobs can include fixing resumes and proofreading essays.

Higher paying jobs, like proofreading court documents, can pay more per hour.

Most companies may require an entrance exam of sorts to test your grammar-nazi skills, but once you are on websites like Scribbr and GetProofed, you will be as good as gold to work at your own pace and on your own accord.

Performing repetitive tasks

In the IT world and the world of the internet, something always needs to be done. Many of the tedious and monotonous tasks in IT end up becoming automated.

However, sometimes some tasks simply cannot be automated. And, when this happens, companies will turn to a system like Amazon’s MTURK to get live humans to complete these mostly mundane tasks (although sometimes they can be fun). For example, they may ask you to do search engine research, tag images, identify objects, transcribe audio, and more.

Online tutoring

Tutoring as a part-time gig is a great way to earn extra money. And there are even more possibilities for tutoring jobs online.

Websites like VIPKid have a wide variety of parents looking to find the best tutors for their kids. If you are fluent in English as well as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, you may find working as an online tutor for $22+ an hour an excellent choice. Most sites won’t even require you to be a certified teacher to start working!

Virtual assistant

With more people working online and from home, the need for virtual assistants has grown tremendously. This is excellent news for those looking for part-time gigs they can do from home.

Your tasks can include managing tasks that business owners don’t want to do themselves. This includes setting up a calendar, keeping track of a meeting, answering emails, or filling out a schedule.

There are even virtual assistant jobs out there for online companies too. Tasks can include scheduling blog posts, managing social media accounts, and contacting potential customers.

Retail jobs

An excellent option for part-time jobs is to get a retail position. They are almost always hiring and are always looking for people to work flexible hours throughout the week.

If you don’t like the idea of working for a mainstream retailer, you can also search around at smaller local companies that you have a passion for and see if they are hiring. These kinds of jobs are great because they offer a wide variety of possible hours and will often offer competitive pay rates.

You can earn anywhere from minimum wage to up to $25 an hour at retail stores, depending on your location.

Server/bartender part-time job

We can’t write an article about the best part-time jobs without mentioning one of the most popular forms of part-time employment: serving and bartending. While these jobs tend to be physically demanding, they can also be an incredibly fun environment to work in.

There’s the possibility of flexible hours and a potential for good tips that add to your hourly salary.

On average, you can make $17-$19 an hour working a server or bartending gig, and high-end restaurants allow for a much higher potential pay of $35-$50 an hour on busy nights.

Private tutor

There are private tutor jobs for virtually every topic out there for academics and almost every grade from elementary to high school. To qualify for a tutoring position, you will need to have a vast amount of knowledge in a particular area.

Your pay can range from $30 to $40 an hour, depending on the area(s) you’re tutoring in. If you are a certified teacher or are verified to tutor in college test prep scenarios, you can easily make well over $40 per hour.

Fitness instructor

If you are a fitness fanatic, there are many avenues to become a fitness instructor for part-time hours. Yoga and Barre classes offer people the opportunity to work on a part-time schedule.

You might also consider being a personal trainer. You can work closely with a few clients per week and still make a decent income along the way. Yoga instructors average $18-$20 per hour, while private personal trainers can command much, much more.

Parking Attendant

A super simple part-time job is becoming a parking attendant. You will essentially sit in a parking booth, hand out tickets, and take payments for tickets and fees. There may also be jobs that require valet services, which you can potentially earn some pretty decent tips with.

For most of these kinds of positions, the only requirement is a valid driver’s license. This makes this part-time gig a pretty easy job to do, should you see any openings in your area.

House cleaner

Becoming a house cleaner for a part-time job can range in pay anywhere from $11.40 an hour (if you work with a cleaning company) up into the $50 per hour range (if you were to do this on your own as a side hustle).

You can work through a company or app like the MaidsApp or ChoreRelief that allows you to work when you want and, within reason, charge whatever you want.

Personal chef

Cooking and culinary jobs can be very satisfactory if you love creating masterpieces in the kitchen. Care.com offers gigs that allow you to cook for families in their own homes. They estimate you could make around $200 to $300 a week preparing a meal for a family of 4 during the weekdays.

There are also options to cater private events and make freezer meals, and the bigger the city you work in, the bigger the potential for jobs and pay.

Data entry

Part-time data entry jobs can be done from a central location or even from your own home. If you’ve never done this kind of work before, it’s exactly what it sounds like: you get paid to input data.

Qualifications peak out at being able to type quickly and accurately. No previous work history is usually required, although it may be necessary to book the higher-paying data entry jobs. If you are specialized in the medical or legal fields, you may also earn a lot more money because they always need data entry workers. Look through Indeed and SmartCrowd’s job listings to find some data entry jobs in your area.


For those fluent in more than just English, you may have some luck applying for part-time translator and interpreter gigs. If you’re looking to get started in this field, hospitals are some of the best places to start looking. They are always in need of people to translate between patients and the medical staff.

Other places to find these types of jobs include schools, call centers, and law offices. If you want to work from home being a translator, there are also online translation services as well. Your pay, on average, will start at around $24 an hour, which is a pretty decent starting salary for any part-time job.


If you like being outside, then you may want to look into working part-time as a landscaper. While the job will probably require mowing, planting, weeding, hauling dirt, and anything else under the sun, there is potential to make some pretty decent pay. Anywhere between $10 to $20 an hour will probably be a base pay, but the more you build up your client base, the more you can make.

Looking through places like Craigslist can find you some one-time jobs that you can potentially build into a recurring gig.

Brand ambassador

For college students, consider becoming a brand ambassador. As a brand ambassador, you’ll work with brands you like and people your own age.

If you have a friendly personality and a passion for sales, becoming a brand ambassador may be the best fit. Your hours may be heavily dependent on weekend and evening hours since this is when the majority of people are out and about partying, dining, and spending money.

You may have to give away free samples, set up a booth on college campuses, and even reach out to potential customers through social media apps.

If you’re really good at your job, you may even be able to gain a full-time position as a brand ambassador and make upwards of $15-$25+ per hour. Some ambassador jobs even pay commission and bonuses!

Rideshare services

Odds are you have probably taken a rideshare service to get you from one place to another. Companies like Uber and Lyft have made an entire industry hiring people to drive other people around.

The best part about these kinds of jobs is there is no minimum amount you can work, and you can set out to work at any time of the day you’d like. Your pay will be highly dependent on your location as bigger cities will require more workers than in smaller areas. Your payment per trip can average between $12 and $23 an hour (or more, depending on tips).


Another appealing part-time job is becoming a babysitter or nanny. Not only do you get to work with children, but it’s also a rewarding job if you’re passionate about kids. There is even potential to build up a client base that will reach out to you every time they need your services.

Keep in mind with these kinds of jobs, you may have to work nights and weekends, so you will need to be flexible when offering your hours.

Check websites like Care.com and Sittercity to start finding work and make a name for yourself in the community.

Dog walker/pet sitter

Probably one of the most fulfilling part-time jobs on our list is dog walking and pet sitting. Is there anything better than getting paid to spend your time with animals?

Your pay differs depending on if you’re walking the dogs daily, sitting for a few hours, or even overnight boarding.

Apps and websites like Rover and Wag are a great way to get in the pet sitting world, and there may also be dogs that need to be walked right now in your neighborhood!

Classroom, library, or bus monitor

In a school setting, a monitor is responsible for keeping order and maintaining discipline in many areas of a school.

The best part about this kind of job is there’s flexibility and potential to work whenever you want to.

If you have strong communication skills and the ability to work with children, these jobs are for you. You can look at your school district’s career page to see if they’re hiring.

Customer service representative

Customer service reps can either work from home or in an office setting. Tasks include answering phones, responding to complaints, and solving questions customers may have.

Odds are most big companies you’ve heard of have some type of call center you can work for. While pay isn’t the best on our list, the added bonus of possibly getting to work from home is one of the top perks. Some big-name companies like Convergys/Concentrix and American Express will even let you work from home.

Part-time jobs aren’t just for high-schoolers! Anyone looking to bring in some extra money can benefit from doing some kind of part-time work.

Whether the work is for an actual company doing a “real job” or doing your own thing online or with some sort of side hustle, extra money is always great. And I don’t know anyone who would complain about it.


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