28 Best Part-Time Weekend Jobs to Earn Extra Money in Your Spare Time

The weekends are a great time to earn a little extra money. This is true if you have a weekday job or if you’re a student who wants to turn your free time into cash. Did you know that while others are wasting their time, you could be making money with part-time weekend jobs?

Many of these part-time weekend jobs are also excellent opportunities for students to work full-time during the summer months. So, if you get a weekend job, even if it’s part-time, consider putting in more hours during the summertime so you can make bank during your spare time.

28 best part-time weekend jobs to earn extra money fast

1. Babysitting

If you don’t mind babysitting kids, then this is a great weekend job for you. You’ll spend a couple of hours with a family, and you’ll usually get paid by the hour. You’re not in it for the long haul, but it’s a great way to earn some money on the weekends.

2. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a great way to make money on the weekends. You get to spend a couple of hours with pets, and it’s more than just cleaning their cages. You’ll help them take care of their health, train them, play with them, and feed them.

You can get started as a pet sitter on Rover.

3. Be a waiter/waitress at a truck stop

If you’re looking for a fun job that will get you great tips, then being a waiter or waitress at a truck stop might be something for you. You’ll spend all day talking to people, and the tips are great.

4. Car washing

A car washing job is also fun, and you’ll have a great time while you’re washing other people’s vehicles. You’ll get to meet friendly people, clean their cars, and earn a little extra money. It can get wet and messy, but it’s one of those part-time weekend jobs that are always in demand.

5. Become an Uber driver

If you own a decent car, you can earn money driving for Uber. The great thing about driving for Uber is, you get to make your own schedule. No one can tell you how many hours you must work or what days you must work.

6. Be a lifeguard

If you enjoy swimming or working outside, then becoming a lifeguard might be something for you. You’ll have a great time working outdoors, and the money can be pretty good, too. It’s a rewarding job if you get to save someone’s life if they are in serious danger.

7. Be a tour guide

Tour guides are excellent if you love to travel and you love to tell people about interesting places. It’s not a difficult job, but it does require attention to detail and a bit of organization. It’s a great way to make a little extra money, and you’ll meet new people every day.

8. Teach swimming lessons

If you like swimming, then teaching swimming lessons is for you. You’ll get to teach kids how to swim, and you’ll do it through the summer break while being outside enjoying the sun. Sometimes lifeguards double as swimming teachers, so check with your local public pool if you can do both and earn even more money.

9. Work as a cashier at a store

The world of retail is always in need of cashiers. If you’re the type, who loves to deal with the public and don’t mind standing on your feet all day, being a cashier might be for you. Cashiers usually don’t make much money, but if you enjoy a fast-paced work environment, you’ll enjoy how the time flies while you’re working.

10. Work at a fast-food restaurant

Working at a fast-food restaurant is hard work, but there are always openings for you to make some extra weekend cash. Most fast-food restaurants will pay you per hour, and the money can add up over time. Just be sure you’re ready for a high-stress environment because the number of orders that come through the drive-thru can be overwhelming.

11. Work for one of the many food delivery apps

Uber Eats is one of the most popular, but there are other apps that you can deliver for. You’ll need a car, but you can make your own hours. You can deliver food during peak times and spend the rest of your time doing whatever you want.

12. Get a part-time job working at the library

The library is always in need of librarians. You can work part-time on the weekends to help people with their research needs. You’ll usually be at the library on the weekends when people are there to do research or to check out books.

13. Work as a tutor

If you’re in college, you can help other students with their homework by becoming a tutor. You’ll be able to earn some extra cash, and you’ll get to help people who are struggling with their homework.

14. Work as a driver for elderly people

If you’re a good driver, then driving for elderly people might be something for you. You’ll get to drive seniors to the doctor or wherever they need to go, and it’s a fun job that can be very rewarding. You’ll be helping these seniors live a fulfilling life, and you’ll make some money.

15. Clean houses

If you love cleaning, then you might want to consider working as a house cleaner. You can make your own schedule and work part-time, so it’s an excellent job for a busy student.

16. Become a bartender

If you’re over 21, bartending is a great weekend job. People go out to drink on the weekends, which means you’ll always have something to do. If you don’t mind staying up late, being a bartender can be an exciting job.

17. Work at a gas station

It might be a low-paying job, but working at a gas station isn’t bad if you have the right attitude. You’ll meet people from all walks of life and hear interesting stories. The job is enjoyable, but you really have to like the late-night hours.

18. Play a guitar downtown and ask people for donations

If you love music and have a decent guitar, then you can always play an instrument downtown for donations. If people are so inclined, they might even give you money for it. You can make a little extra money on the weekends with this simple job that is often overlooked.

19. Deliver the Sunday newspaper

Sunday newspapers are still big because they have coupons in them. If you don’t mind waking up really early, you can deliver newspapers. Just remember that the newspapers need to be delivered regardless of the weather conditions outside.

20. Freelance writer

If you have a knack for writing, then becoming a freelance writer might be something for you. It takes a while to build up your skills, but once you’ve got them, this can be a fun job.

21. Work at a pet store

Pet stores are always a fun place to work, and if you have experience with other pets, you know how to deal with them. If you love dogs and cats, then working at a pet store is for you.

22. Paint children’s faces at the park

This is a fun job for college students who enjoy painting and spending time outdoors. It’s not a difficult job, but you’ll have to work fast. Children love having their faces painted, and that’s why you’ll have a steady stream of customers.

23. Be a security guard

Security guards are needed every day of the week, but no one likes working weekends. You can help pick up the slack and bring in a little extra money. You’ll need to stay alert, though, because criminals aren’t discouraged by the weekend.

24. Work as a daycare assistant

If you have experience with children, then being a daycare assistant is something you can do. This job requires you to work inside with the kids, and it’s tiring, but if you know how to deal with kids, it can be a good job.

25. Be a DJ

Maybe you have some musical talent, and you can be a DJ for parties. You’ll have to be skilled with music and you’ll also need to know how to use a mixer, but if you can learn these skills and put in the time, this job can pay well.

26. Be an English teacher online

You can teach English to children and adults alike no matter where in the world they live. This job can be done either part-time or full-time, and it’s an impressive way to earn some extra cash. Sometimes foreigners will pay you to just talk to them, and that’s a great way to make some money as well.

27. Be a radio announcer

Radio announcers are basically just glorified DJs who announce commercials and music. They get paid well, and you can make a lot of money doing this job from home. The only requirement is that you have good diction.

28. Clean offices during the weekend when they’re closed

Offices can become messy during the week, and they need to get spruced up during the weekend. You’ll clean the offices from top to bottom, and everyone on Monday will be grateful for your hard work.

It doesn’t matter where you are, your age, or anything else, if you want to make some extra spending money, there’s more than enough opportunity to do that during the weekends. I hope this has helped you find ideas for part-time weekend jobs you can do.

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