5 Best Places to Sell Breast Milk Online and Get Paid $2,250 Per Month!

I’m not going to lie; it seems unusual to sell breast milk online. But while people might find it strange, others are making bank and selling their breast milk for up to $2,250 per month!

Why do women sell their breast milk? There are many reasons women might want to sell their breast milk, just for money or the experience. However, many women are very interested in using breast milk as a supplement for their babies.

Not all women can produce enough breast milk to feed their babies. The average mother can only produce about 20-30 oz of milk per day. If you have a baby who needs it, breast milk is a great option, but sometimes it can be challenging to find the milk.

Curious as to how to get started? You’ll want to try these sites, first.

5 best places to sell breast milk online

1. Only the Breast

Only the Breast is one of the most popular places for women to sell their breast milk online. You can sell as much or as little of your milk there as you want.

If you choose to sell at Only the Breast, you need to buy a kit that will test you for things such as HIV and hepatitis. The kit costs $259, and you must buy it if you want to sell your milk at Only the Breast.

The reason for the kit is to ensure that you’re healthy and don’t have any diseases. It’s not just the mom that needs to take care of herself, but also the baby. If you have any diseases, it’s possible that the buyers will not want to purchase your milk.

FYI, Only The Breast does allow men to buy your milk, in case that bothers you.

To get a feel of how this unique online marketplace operates, browse their ad listings here.

2. Breastfeeding Moms Unite

Breastfeeding Moms Unite is a community just for breastfeeding moms. It’s also an online marketplace that allows women to sell their breast milk.

If you would like to join Breastfeeding Moms Unite and post an ad, you must go through an application first. You may also want to take into consideration that the group is exclusively for breastfeeding moms.

Even though it sounds like you only sell to moms who are breastfeeding, Breastfeeding Moms Unite also allows men to buy milk. Some women don’t like to sell their milk because it may end up in the hands of a man. Most women would rather not think about it, but it’s something you need to consider before you sell here.

Want to start selling your breast milk locally? You’ll find how to get started in their breast milk seller guide.

3. Buy, sell, or donate breast milk on Facebook groups

Online communities are also great places to sell breast milk as well. You can find a community for moms who are breastfeeding and sell there. These websites are usually through Facebook, and there are many of them already.

You can even start your own Facebook group that attracts buyers. Start by posting in other groups, and then create your own. Social media, forums, and even Reddit are places that you can find customers for your breast milk.

You need to be aware that many people on these sites take up your time or are perverts trying to get free pictures and videos of you milking yourself. Be professional and don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of by anyone, no matter what they say.

Here are some Facebook groups to join if you want to buy, sell, or donate breast milk:

4. Sell your breast milk on Craigslist

Yes, you can sell breast milk at the site where you buy car tires and sell your old computer. Craigslist is a site where you can find the good and the bad. Selling breast milk on Craigslist will be a bit trickier than the other websites because there are many weirdos there.

Try your best to weed out the weirdos and the ones who are interested in something illicit, too. There is some creepy stuff going on at places like Craigslist, and you want to be able to control what kind of customers you have.

Craigslist isn’t your only option, though. However, some customers may be interested in what you have to sell. Be very careful and do your best to screen potential customers to ensure you’re not walking to something you’ll regret later.

5. Mothers Milk Coop

Mothers Milk Coop started as a way to help hospitals in need of breast milk. Their members would donate milk that would go directly to hospitals in short supply.

While you can donate your breast milk here, you may be curious as to whether you can earn money here. According to their FAQs, you can be paid, but they only accept a limited number of donors.

To get started, you can apply here.

Selling your breast milk online: FAQ

Is it legal to sell your breast milk online?

The short answer is yes, it’s legal to sell breast milk online. Selling breast milk is not regulated like it is with other types of food products.

You don’t have to worry about breaking the law if you’re selling breast milk. You are well within your right to sell as much breast milk as people want to buy.

How much does breast milk cost?

The price of breast milk varies from person to person, but it can be anywhere between $2-3 per oz.

It’s entirely possible that you could find a long-term buyer who asks for a discount for bulk orders. If that’s the case, you might give them a discount so that you don’t have to search high and low for new customers.

How much can you expect to earn selling breast milk?

If you can produce 20-30oz per day, you can earn around $2,250 per month selling breast milk.

On average, you can make $300-$500 per week selling breast milk. The caveat to that is, you must produce enough milk to sell and have the right buyers. If you produce a lot of milk but have no buyers, you’re not going to make anything.

It’s in your best interest to try as hard as possible to find good repeat customers. It’s much easier to sell to the same people over and over again than it is to spend all of your time trying to find new customers.

You must take care of yourself

No one wants to buy breast milk from a mother who isn’t healthy. You’re going to want to get checked by your doctor and make sure you have everything in place before trying to sell breast milk. Many women have had some medical conditions or illnesses that cause them to be unattractive to buyers.

You can’t smoke, drink alcohol, or do anything that would put the buyer’s baby at risk when they consume your milk. That’s why it’s essential to be on your best behavior as you try to sell this milk.

You also want to avoid taking any medication that would affect the baby. Some drugs may cause the baby to be sick or even stop breathing. Always avoid taking any medication that is not approved for breast milk if you want to sell.

A few words of caution when selling breast milk

If you’re selling breast milk online, you need to conduct yourself professionally. This means that you shouldn’t be seen with your child. You should expect to stumble upon a perv every now and then. It’s part of the breast milk selling game.

You want to make sure that you actually get paid for your milk. You might find people who try to rip you off. If you have PayPal, make sure the customer pays you before you send out the milk.

It might be best to deal only with local customers, but if you go that route, talk on the phone first to make sure you’re dealing with an actual mom.

How to sell your breast milk: The bottom line

Yes, it’s possible to make money selling your excess breast milk. As long as you’re careful, you can make some good money selling your breast milk. Some people may even pay more than what you would get at a milk bank.

Try your hardest to find moms who don’t produce enough breast milk to become your repeat customers. Your job is to find the right customer who needs what you have and is willing to pay a premium for it. If you find a family who needs your milk, consider giving them a discount if you’re their only customer.

Do your best to stay as healthy as you can so that your milk is an attractive choice for mothers who don’t produce enough milk to feed their babies. Being healthy is great for your milk but also for your longevity as well.

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