15 Best Side Hustles for Single Moms [Make $100k+ in 2023]

Side hustles are an amazing way to add a secondary source of income, especially for single moms. According to Single Mother Statistics, the median income for single mothers in 2019 was only around $48,000, compared to the median income of married couples, which was around $102,000.

With single mothers on the rise, side hustles are a way of balancing the checkbook at the end of a long day and making ends meet. However, some side hustles have led people to realize their true passions and pursue that as their business.

Ready to get started? Here are the 15 best side hustles single moms can do on the side.

15 best side hustles for single moms

1. Get cash for typing

Side hustles can be a fun way to relieve stress. If you love to write and that’s your de-stressor, why not become a freelance writer?

If you like to write and don’t have all the time in the world to spare, then Textbroker is the right place for you. Textbroker allows you to create your own schedule and choose from a multitude of projects. Depending on how much you write, you can earn up to $100 a day. $100 a day can be groceries for the week or even a nice trip to the mall or the nail salon.

2. Earn money for creating journals

If you are the creative type, Canva is the right place for you. Through Canva, you can create blank journals with fun designs and sell them online through kdp.amazon.com. Some journals have made thousands per month selling online.

So especially now with everything being ordered online, why not take advantage of this fun little side hustle? Setting up a Canva account is free, and all you need is an email address and a creative touch.

3. Reading books for money

You read that right! You can get paid to read books online. Through ACX.com, you can make books into audiobooks by simply using your voice.

Authors will pay handsomely for these services. Some authors have been known to pay up to $400 per hour! If you have an hour to spare after you put your child to bed, turning books into audiobooks might be for you.

4. Translating

If you speak two languages, you can get paid to translate articles and other writings. By signing up on Peopleperhour.com, you are given a multitude of services you can provide for people as side hustles, and one of those is translating.

Most jobs have a fixed price, but some jobs pay by the hundreds. If you have some time to translate at night after work and love to help people out, this could be the side hustle for you.

5. Take surveys for some side cash

Odds are you have a smartphone. Whether you prefer a smartphone or a laptop/monitor, SurveryJunkie is an excellent way to make some cash on the side. As the name suggests, you get paid to take surveys. SurveryJunkey can instantly pay you via Paypal, and each survey can pay anywhere between a couple of cents to up to $40.

6. Rent out a room

If you own the place you live, you can rent out your room by making it into an Airbnb. According to Nerdwallet.com, Airbnbers made on average $924 per month. Airbnb is a great way to make money on the side by renting out a room for a day or night.

7. Babysitting

If you are a single mom, you already know what it is like to take care of a child. Why not do it this time for a little extra coin in your pocket? Babysitting not only helps the parents that cannot watch their child at the moment but helps you with your everyday financial needs. Care.com is a website that allows you to find babysitting jobs.

8. Petsitting

Similar to babysitting, petsitting is one of the best side hustles for single moms. If you know someone with a pet or even would like to visit Rover pet sitting can be a fun way for you and your child to bond while raking up some cash.

9. Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Have something in your home you’ve wanted to get rid of? If so (given what you want to get rid of is not broken), you can always sell items you’ve meant to throw away or replace. Such items could include old couches, microwaves, tables, chairs, et cetera. The possibilities are endless.

10. Tutor adults or kids

Was there always a subject in school you loved and still do? Or are there even skills you know that other adults should know? If you answered yes to either two, you should consider making money tutoring other people, whether in school, college, or just a regular adult who wants to learn one of your skills.

Skills and education are invaluable tools that people pay thousands for. Over time, you could be the neighborhood’s go-to person for a certain skill through word of mouth.

11. Data entry

If you want to do a simple task and still make money at the end of the day, you might want to check out data entry. Websites like Fiverr.com offer a variety of services, with data entry being one of them.

In short, you tell a client what you are capable of (entering data, creating pivot tables, converting excels to PDFs, etc.), and you give a starting price. A quick glance shows starting prices range from $5-$50 per job.

12. Affiliate marketing

You’ve probably heard about this one before, whether it was on TikTok or Instagram. However, affiliate marketing does prove successful for people and can work for single moms.

This requires a little work, though, as you will have to build a bit of a social media presence and audience. If you already have that or have a large network of connections, all you have to do in theory is go to websites like Goaffpro or Shopify and sign up.

You will have to post or (or start a blog) about the items you want people to buy, and once those items are sold through an affiliate link you provide, you receive a commission.

13. Roth IRAs

Bear with me here, as this one does not sound like the others. I would consider Roth IRAs to be a side hustle for the future, but a side hustle nonetheless. With a Roth IRA, when you take the money out of the account, not only is it tax-free, but over a long period of time, Roth IRAs can make millions.

This is due to the eighth wonder of the world, compound interest. For a very general example using this calculator, take a single mother who is 30 and initially puts $1,000 in a Roth IRA (max allowed is $6,000 per year).

If a single mom contributes $1,000 every year assuming a 7% return and being in a 22% tax bracket, by the time you reach age 64, you will have around $159,000. Now imagine if you have more money to play with for the long run.

14. Uber or Lyft driver

As a single mom, you are probably very busy. But, if you have some time around in your local area, Uber or Lyft could be an appealing way for you to earn some extra moola. To sign up, you will need your own car and insurance. After that, you can drive people around within a comfortable distance from your house if you choose to do so.

If you live near a rich area or frequently picking up people who are, let’s say, less than sober, they have the potential to tip you well on top of the fee you will earn.

15. YouTube videos

Everyone has heard of YouTube, but not everyone knows how to profit from YouTube. Whether it is tutorials you would like to do or to simply play sounds of nature that you have recorded, YouTube videos have the potential to make thousands in revenue, if not even more in the future.

Some YouTubers are paid millions for their content, but that is all dependent on views and subscribers. The more views a video receives, the more money you will earn via the advertisements that always come up. The videos do not have to be long or complex.

Still, they do need to catch the attention of someone, even if that means making a video of paint dry, cooking ASMR, or a 10-hour long video of someone screaming (I assure you there are people who would listen to that video in its entirety).

Side hustles for single moms: The bottom line

In short, it does not matter what side hustle you choose to do, but it seems that the worst option is no option at all. If you have the time and the will, side hustles can be an exciting way of making money on the side.

Some side hustles make enough to be a full-on career. Other side hustles are good to do for a couple of extra bucks in your pocket, either for necessities or luxuries.

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