Selling Used Textbooks: 4 Best Places to Sell Your College Textbooks

Want to make money selling your used college textbooks? In this blog post, I’ll share with you the 4 best places for selling used textbooks.

Why you should sell your used textbooks

When you come to the end of your academic term, most of the time, you are left with three things:

  1. A sense of positive accomplishment, having come so far to achieve what you have.
  2. A degree of some capacity, giving you the chance to turn your academic passions into a job.
  3. A school bag worth of academic books that cost you hundreds of dollars!

Sadly, while the first two are items that you can make the most of for the rest of your life, the books aren’t quite so useful to you. If you are in a position whereby you want to get rid of your school textbooks, and you want to do so in an intelligent manner, then you should look to sell them online.

You paid all those bucks for them, so why not let someone else get good use out of them?

Sure, some of the info might come outdated for the start of next term. Barring the most ridiculous change in your industry, though, you should be easily able to make back a fair amount of the money you spent on the book. How, though, can one go about making sure they can get a good return fee for their books?

The best place to start with is the internet. Some academic institutes and libraries will buy them off you, but the price offering is awful at best. So instead, you should turn to the following depositories, as they can give you all the help you need to get a good return for your books.

With so much money invested in those books, why not get some of it back?

If you do this, you can use that money to fund your post-graduation party with your classmates!

4 best places for selling used textbooks

Cash 4 Books

The name itself should be relatively self-explanatory. Cash 4 Books takes in a chunk of your books and will be happy to give you a nice fee for it. Usually, you get your money back within 3 working days, and this can give you plenty of time to get it shipped off and ready to be seen by their team.

Remember, though, that, like many of the sites, Cash 4 Books can be a bit precious about the book’s condition. So, if you thought that phallic design you drew back in your first semester on the Glossary page was funny, you’ll pay for it now.

That being said, they are pretty cool and usually still offer some very attractive deals even for books in less than ideal condition. Just let them know what you are looking to sell, and you can get a nice return.

Book Scouter

Book Scouter is one of the best choices to start with and usually offers the ideal place to start with. You can get quotes in a few minutes, and you can price up as many as 40 books in one single go. All you need to do is grab the book’s ISBN number from the book’s spine, hit Enter, and bam!

You get rapid responses, and the prices that they offer are very fair. You can get a lot of time to start making decisions through Book Scouter as it gives you so many sites to take a look at when it comes to a good place to sell your books. Should you be serious about getting the most out of Book Scouter, then you should definitely look to sell a few books at a time and make the most of their prices.

Valore Books

Valore has some of the best buyback price ranges in the industry and should be moving high up your list without too much effort. In addition, they make it nice and easy for you to pack up and ship off those books and get a nice return for doing so.

They probably are the most generous for textbooks, so take all of your academic coursework back to these guys, and you can get a pretty penny for your troubles. It is 100% worth your time to do so; the value you can get for now-useless textbooks is excellent.

Seen as most of us turn our books from college into doorstops and coasters, it pays to invest a bit of time into finding out what they could bring you back in. With Valore, you can be sure that you can get a good deal and avoid feeling ripped off.


The comically named BIGWORDs is one of the best places to start with, too. It’s a fine comparison site that makes it easy for you to get a lot of good value deals on your books. In fact, most of the time, they can get as much as 75% off the RRP of the book itself. That’s pretty neat and can make it much easier for you to turn what is often hard to justify practice into a lucrative way to make back a lot of cash.

When you factor in the comical expense of college textbooks, you could easily get a few hundred dollars if you were to sell some of your most commonly used books through this platform. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best ways to do away with your book excess. Definitely, a comparison site that is worth your time.

If you were to choose from any of the above and not find a useful book site, we recommend turning to Book Scouter. Here’s a video showing a step-by-step guide on how to sell your used college textbooks.

With so many options on the market, it’s easy to make the wrong choice when selling used textbooks. With the above best places, though, you should find it a bit easier to make a sale you feel comfortable about.

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