HoneyGain Review: How to Earn Money Sharing Your Internet

Sharing is caring, right? If you’re the sharing type, you’re in luck. Did you know you can make money sharing your internet connection? All you need to have is some idle internet connection that you wouldn’t mind sharing. I’ll tell you more in my HoneyGain review.

I mean, if you work at a 9 to 5, why not share your connection (and make some money) while you’re away from home? So how do you do that? That’s where HoneyGain comes into the picture.

HoneyGain Review

What is HoneyGain, and how does it work?

I just told you how you could share your internet bandwidth with other people to make money. Well, HoneyGain is the company that makes this wonderful fete happen.

HoneyGain has applications you can install on both your computer and phone – Android and iOS. In addition, it is compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems.

Before you can begin making some passive cash, you will need to install the application on your mobile device or computer. Once the application is installed, HoneyGain will use your idle bandwidth connection to run queries and connect their clients to the internet.

Essentially, major organizations and businesses use the company’s network to conduct research and gather data since the network runs on many devices and IP addresses – the address of your computer or phone. So, just like with the address of your home, their clients can get their data from many sources.

How to make money with HoneyGain

HoneyGain pays you according to the amount of internet bandwidth their clients use. Since we’re talking about multinational companies and big data institutions, this can run into a lot of data.

If your application works on Default Network Sharing, you get credit for sharing 10 MB internet bandwidth. For instance, if you allow HoneyGain’s clients’ traffic to go through your network, each 10 GB consumed by them gives you $1.

As you can tell, any amount of your data is worth a penny. In addition, you can run a ‘content delivery’ service. With this option, the company pays you a total of six credits for each active content delivery hour. But, of course, if the content delivery is in the queue, you don’t get paid.

To know how much you have earned, you can check your HoneyGain dashboard. It gives you information on the total amount you have earned and the figure you have gathered on a particular day.

How much money can you make with HoneyGain?

The data usage by the application is also dependent on the quality of your internet connection and speed. Before you get yourself pumped up with some very big expectations, you should note that the demand for HoneyGain’s services can be uneven.

Essentially, there are days when the demand will skyrocket, and others will be close to zero. So, in essence, it is hard to predict the particular amount of internet you will pay for.

When you reach $20 (the minimum), you can cash out with PayPal.

Make money with the HoneyGain referral program

There are many ways to make money on HoneyGain. Apart from sharing your internet with other people to make money, you can also spread the word and get people to join the platform.

Normally, signing up for HoneyGain gives you a welcome bonus of $5. This bonus is withdrawable once you hit your $20 mark.

If you decide to tell your family, relatives, or friends about the good work of HoneyGain, each successful referral will give you a recurrent earning of 10 percent of what the referral earns.

HoneyGain pro tips to maximize earnings

Want to make the most money with HoneyGain? Here are some pro tips on how to maximize your earnings.

1. Install the HoneyGain application on multiple devices that are spread on multiple networks. This will increase the usage of your internet bandwidth. As a result, you get more credits.

2. Ensure that the content delivery option is activated. In most cases, content delivery works better on computers due to more stability in internet connection. If you have this option turned on, each hour of active delivery will earn some good bucks. Moreover, since it works alongside the default network sharing option, your income multiplied even further.

3. Turn on your mobile data connection. This will help spread your bandwidth connection to other people and consequently earn you some money.

4. Use the referral program to your advantage. Essentially, referring a friend will add 10 percent of what they earn to your wallet.

Are there privacy concerns with HoneyGain?

Before installing any application on your computer or mobile device, you will want to know how much of your privacy is at stake. In this instance, you will also want to know that your data is safe and does not get drained without pay.

Unlike other applications and platforms that keep track of their users’ data, HoneyGain has very strict privacy and data protection policies.

Essentially, they will not track you or use your private information. The company has declared that it only uses its bandwidth connectivity to provide data to organizations and research institutions for market research. In simple terms, your internet connectivity is used by trusted parties to run errands on the internet.

Pros of using HoneyGain

Here are the main benefits of using HoneyGain to earn passive money.

1. It earns you some money and keeps your data safe. While making you some bucks on the idle internet bandwidth, HoneyGain ensures that your data is safe. This is critical for your privacy and security. Additionally, the application does not interfere with your device in any way. In essence, you can operate and run your computer or phone without a glitch.

2. Simple installation. Since the application is available for major operating systems, you can download and install it. In addition, downloading and installing it is free of charge.
3. Ease of use. Have you ever come across extremely complex applications that cause beginners headaches? Well, HoneyGain is not one of them. Instead, the app comes with simplicity and intuition built in its core.
4. Great customer support

Cons of using HoneyGain

While this HoneyGain review has been positive, as with (almost) everything in life, there are some downsides to using this program.

1. The platform is not for people using restricted data plans.

2. Your device battery life is impacted since the application requires the internet, which is battery intensive.

3. The application only works when the data connection is turned on.

Valuable resources

If you want to learn more about HoneyGain than from this review, like how it works, or get support, check out these resources:

HoneyGain review: The bottom line

If you need to make some extra cash without lifting your finger, this is an excellent choice for you. However, besides making some extra bucks, it also boils down to how comfortable you are with other applications running on your device.

Essentially, HoneyGain will not give you specific information on what other people are doing with your internet. However, you have nothing to worry about since the company protects your privacy.

Worried about whether the application might drain your data? Normally, HoneyGain uses approximately 10 percent of your data, depending on your chosen plan. So, you see, just giving up a portion of your internet connection could mean automatic cash in your pocket.

If you’re ready to get started, head over to HoneyGain and get registered for free.

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