5 Ways to Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car [Make Money in 2023]

Looking for easier ways to make an extra buck without disrupting your routine? Imagine this: you get paid to advertise on your car. That’s right, getting paid for driving your own car. Sounds cool, right?

Depending on the type of advertisement you are willing to display on your car; stickers, decals, or complete car wraps, you can actually make a decent sum each month. This extra cash would be a significant boost to your monthly income and can assist you with the car’s expenses, groceries, or monthly bills.

In this article, you will discover some of the legitimate ways to get paid to advertise on your car, the requirements to do so, why it should concern you, as well as the value you get. Continue reading to find out.

Getting paid to advertise on your car FAQ

How does it work?

Did you know that 40% of consumer purchasing decisions are made on the commute home from work? Companies know this and are willing to pay a price to be seen on the drive home.

Car ads are important to business owners because, on a single day, the advert can generate as many as 70,000 impressions. This makes it a lucrative business and one that you should be part of.

Using your car to display advertising will turn your car into a mobile billboard (and a money-making machine). Talk about earning easy money!

All you have to do is display a brand’s logo prominently on your vehicle and you’ll be off to the races at earning easy money.

What is car wrapping?

Think of a mobile billboard and let your car do the moving and there you have the full definition of a car wrap. The wrap applied to your car is a digitally printed brand message done by a professional graphic designer. The wrapping material commonly used is vinyl.

You can choose to either have a full car wrap covering even the windows or a partial one that only covers the sides of the vehicle. Windshields are exempted in the wrapping.

Why do companies want to advertise on your car?

Advertising is one of the fastest ways to promote any brand or business and boost revenue. As consumer habits evolve, the advertising landscape is also vibrantly shifting. More so, with the emergence of artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

As these technologies dominate advertising spaces, businesses are likely to spend more on the same. One way that companies are using technology to boost their advertising efforts is through car wrap or sticker ads.

Through these transit adverts, companies can reach millions of prospects and customers on the roads. In other words, car adverts have a higher visibility potential compared to static adverts. It is also a highly cost-effective method of disseminating a brand message to a mass audience.

With these benefits, there has been a significant rise in the number of auto wrapping and car advertising firms. And guess what? They are more than willing to pay to advertise on your car as you drive around the streets or on the freeway.

How much money can you make?

Depending on the type of advertisement you are willing to display on your car; stickers, decals, or complete car wraps, you can actually make a decent sum each month.

This extra cash would be a significant boost to your monthly income and can assist you with the car’s expenses, groceries, or monthly bills.

On average, you can make between $100 to $500 monthly for driving around a wrapped car. The good thing is that you don’t expend any extra effort. Just driving as you head to work or run a few routine errands is enough to earn you a few extra bucks.

Some of the factors that can determine how much you earn through car wraps include:

  • The duration of the ad
  • Daily driving routine
  • Driving hours
  • Type of vehicle
  • Route taken
  • Vehicle mileage

Is it worth it?

Yes, it is and especially because of the effectiveness of the method. Transit advertising is more effective than static billboards.

According to Perception Research, it results in more than double the attention created by a static billboard. RYP & Becker Group further agrees that outdoor transit billboards have a 97% chance of being remembered by viewers compared to their static counterparts.

But how do you get started? Let’s find out. Here are 5 legit ways to get paid to advertise on your car.

5 ways to get paid to advertise on your car

If you are comfortable driving around with wraps and stickers on your vehicle, you need to work with a trustworthy company to avoid being scammed.

Below are some legit companies that actually pay you to advertise on your car:

1. Carvertise

This is another company that pays in points for advertisements on cars in their network of advertisers, including Walmart and Sears. Through Carvertise, you’ll be matched with brands that advertise in your geographic area.

Carvertise has been around long enough to attract a significant pool of drivers all over the United States. To enroll as a driver, you will have to go through the company’s website and fill out an application form with your details. The information required on the form includes your name, contact details, email, car details, mileage, and state of residence.

The car wrap company demands that you drive at least 30 miles each day in a 2008 or newer car model. Your driving habits will determine what advertising firms you get matched to. Payments are received monthly through direct deposits and the average you can net in a month is $ 100 for an advertisement duration lasting only a few months.

Carvertise caters to the installation and removal of the partial or full car wraps at the beginning and the end of the contract respectively. This is done by an expert to ensure your vehicle’s exterior paint is protected. The company will also require you to have a clean driving record before taking up the side hustle.

2. Wrapify

Here’s another company that will pay you per mile to advertise with your vehicle, Wrapify.

To date, Wrapify has amassed over 200,000 drivers proving to be one of the most successful car wrapping companies. It has partnered with some of the top brands and covers the broader United States service area. However, you can only cover the area allocated up to a 50-mile radius.

The route you take is tracked through the app and you get paid based on the miles you drive.

There’s no long-term commitment to work with Wrapify and you’ll be paid biweekly, but you must have a 2010 or newer vehicle with no body damage.

To qualify to make money with Wrapify, you’ll need to pass a background check, as you can’t have more than two accidents on your driving record in the last 3 years.

3. StickerRide

Initially established in Europe in 2013, StickerRide has spread its wings into the United States and currently boasts more than 40,000 drivers.

To get started with this car wrapping company, you must first download their mobile app and enter your car details as well as selecting your preferred StickerRide location to finish the application process. Next, you will be required to select your car wrap or sticker option-rearview window, hood, full-body wrap, or side panels.

You will then head to one of StickerRide’s specified locations where their staff will clean your car before fully installing the stickers. As soon as the sticker ads are applied, you are free to drive around and earn some cash. You will earn based on the number of miles covered.

To ensure you earn optimally, you should always turn on the company’s mobile app each time you are driving. This allows StickerRide to calculate your driven miles and remunerate you accordingly. Each mile you cover carries a point that is multiplied by your specific tariff to determine your compensation.

That means failure to launch the app as you drive will deny you compensation. The rate of compensation is not fixed and may vary according to the number of stickers displayed, location, mileage covered, and the type of car driven.

It is also possible to earn an additional income within StickerRide’s contract. The company allows you to access other tasks that can either earn you more money or more points. These extra activities are called flash mobs or quests and may entail taking photos or driving on different routes.

4. Nickelytics

This Florida-based car wrap company only hires drivers from certain specific regions. They offer three wrapping options including a full-body wrap, rear windshield wrap, and a light wrap. You are allowed to choose the option that best suits you.

Based on your wrap selection and the mileage you have covered, Nickelytics can determine your pay. Earnings may also vary depending on the specific advert and mostly average at $ 250 monthly. However, some drivers generate up to $ 500 monthly for a full-body wrap and through covering longer miles.

Through the company’s mobile app, Nickelytics can monitor your driving habits and routes. This allows them to better study your tendencies and assign you to companies that align with those tendencies.

To qualify as a driver, Nickelytics will demand from you a valid driver’s license and minimum coverage of 30 miles per day. Additionally, the car you drive must be a 2010 model or newer.

5. Find a local company

Getting a local business owner to believe mobile car advertising works can be challenging at first. After all, it’s not a typical top-of-mind marketing issue. But sharing industry statistics on how effective car wraps are can help.

Perhaps you’ll get their attention when you mention that 98% of Americans notice vehicle advertising targeting drivers. They might also be curious to know that 29% of consumers say they will visit a store based on outdoor advertising. Finally, just one vehicle wrap can generate thousands of views per day.

Who would make an excellent local sponsor? Why not a car dealership? After all, the automotive industry is among the highest-spending industries on advertising in America, according to Statista.

Get paid to advertise on your car: The bottom line

Driving is fun and the fun doesn’t have to just end behind the wheel. You can extrapolate it to your monthly paycheck. Nothing beats earning doing what you enjoy.

Since you now know the legitimate car wrapping companies, seek also to know your driving habits and decide which company best suits you.

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