11 Jobs That Pay 200k a Year (or More) Without a Degree

Are you currently thinking about what career you want to get into? Why not choose from one of the jobs that pay over 200k or more?

Whether you’re a high school student considering their future, or someone who wants to switch careers, there’s a lot to think about.

When you first start searching, it seems as though almost every role needs you to have a college degree. If you don’t have one, or don’t want to go to college, is a good job out of your reach?

Of course not. There are plenty of high-paying jobs out there that will pay you over 200k a year, even without a degree.

Let’s take a look and see what’s out there for you.

Why Not Get a Degree?

Everyone will know the importance that is usually placed on degrees. It feels as though you have to have one, or you won’t succeed in life.

There are some advantages to degrees. Some careers, such as medicine, will require you to have a degree, and many have great experiences when they go.

However, you don’t need to go to college to get a great life experience. You can get into the workforce as soon as possible and start racking up experience.

Also, some people just don’t have the cash to go to college. It’s incredibly expensive, and they don’t have the money to make it feasible.

Plus, you don’t want to start your career with a lot of debt.

Others don’t want to go to college as it takes up so much time. That’s especially true if you’re looking to switch careers.

As an adult, you just don’t have the time to totally retrain in another field.

If any of this sounds like you, then you can find the perfect high-paying job without going to college.

11 Jobs That Pay Over 200k/yr (without a degree)

So, what jobs can you get into that pay well? Here are a few that you should consider.

Web Development

Web development is one of those jobs that didn’t even exist a couple of decades ago. It’s a faced moving job, and anyone who gets involved needs to keep up to speed.

If you’re good with online design and have a knack for computers, you don’t need to go to college to get into web development. You certainly can go and get a Computer Science degree, but it’s not actually required.

The only downside to not going is that you won’t have a portfolio when you start out. That’s something you can start putting together, though, and you’ll soon have lots of evidence of your work.

The best way to get into web development is to start out with a business. That way, you can start building experience and creating that portfolio.

While you may want one of those jobs that pay 200k, you can reach that figure working for yourself, too. You’ll be able to charge what you want and keep the profits yourself.

The best web designers are always on their toes. Use sites like Codeacademy and Prime Academy to sharpen your skills and stay competitive.

VMWare Engineer

What’s this job? Essentially, you’ll be tasked with uploading VMWare on a business server network, so operating systems like Windows or Linux can be installed on them.

Once that’s installed, it allows people to use those systems in a virtual environment. Essentially, it makes working from anywhere quicker and easier.

It sounds complicated on the surface, but once you’ve taken a course, you’re ready to start making some real money. You can easily start making six figures once you’ve been with the company for a couple of years.

It’s a technical job, but your daily work will mostly be taken up with management and administration of the system. The most work will be in the initial uploading and any updates that need to happen.

If you’re technically minded and love working with computers, then this job’s for you.


Many will skip this option without even reading further. Sales have long had a reputation of being kind of sleazy, preying on people and making them buy things they don’t want.

The fact is that reputation comes from the bad salespeople out there. If you’re good at sales, you’re not pressuring people to buy.

Instead, you’re helping them solve their problems and showing them the benefits of the product you have. If you’re really good at sales, you’ll sell on the product’s benefits rather than pressuring people.

The joy of this job is that you really don’t need a college degree, and you can easily make good money if you’re good at it. Sell a product you believe in, and you’ll be able to make the big bucks.

Real Estate Agent

Want a job that you can keep for life? Then you need to look into being a real estate agent.

After all, people will always need to buy and sell homes. You can help them get the best price for their current home and find the perfect new home in your area.

To get started, you’ll need to obtain your license, which takes about a month. That’s a lot shorter and a lot cheaper than getting a degree.

The best real estate agents make the best money by working in areas that are in high demand. Homes in California, for example, are going to be in more demand than in Alabama.

They also invest in marketing technology to help them find clients. Once they have clients, they build a relationship with them and pay attention to their needs.

You will need to invest some cash to get started, but if you can, it’s well worth it.

Personal Trainer

Are you the kind of person who knows everything about working out? If you want to help others and make good money, you should get into personal training.

There are some personal trainers out there with jobs that pay 200k. But that high salary is reserved only for the best personal trainers. The best trainers look to work towards their client’s goals and really create plans that are tailored towards them.

If you’re paying attention to your client’s needs and working with them, then they’ll be willing to pay more. A good personal trainer will always put their client’s needs first.


Did you know that the hair salon industry is worth 44 billion dollars? It’s clear that there’s more money than you’d think in being a hairdresser.

If you want to get started, you’ll need to invest some money and time in training. You’ll need to go to a salon or barber school first and then spend some time as an apprentice.

Once you’ve put that time in, though, you’ll be able to start growing your client base. The most successful people out there are able to make huge money, as they give their clients a top-class service.

Some clients out there are even willing to fly their hairstylist out to them, so they can get the perfect cut.

Once you start growing that base, you can really start making some good money.

Oil Rig Worker

You may have already heard that oil rig worker jobs pay 200k. If you really want to make the big bucks without going to college, it could be just right for you.

However, you make that money because it’s such a dangerous job. You’ll be required to live offshore or in some unstable countries to do your job.

Plus, your job will be tied to the economy. If the economy takes a dive, your job could be in jeopardy.

However, for some people, they love the thrill of it all. If you’re tired of the 9-5, and the idea of working in an office bores you to tears, being an oil rig worker could be just what you’re looking for.

Many like to get into the role for a few years, doing as much overtime as possible to save and save. Then, they get out of the industry with a large savings account, so they can do something else that interests them.

Truck Drivers

Yes, truck drivers are making much more money than you’d think. It depends on who they’re working for, but some easily make six figures.

While you don’t need a degree to do this job, you will need a Commercial Driver’s License. If you sign up with the right company, though, you can get paid to get your license.

Once you have it, you’re out on the open road. Some are put off truck driving, as they feel it will keep them away from home all the time.

While some companies will keep you out as much as possible, others aim to give you a much better work-life balance. In some cases, you can have those weekends off to be with your family.

Want to take it a step further? You can create your own truck driving business with a fleet of other trucks and drivers under you.

Independent Contractor

What’s an independent contractor? It’s anyone who performs a skilled trade. That could be someone like a plumber, cleaner, carpenter, electrician, and so on.

No one thinks about the money these people can make, but it isn’t rare if this is a job that pays 200k or more. Independent contractors use their skills to help those who don’t have the skills or time to take on those jobs themselves.

For example, what about that guy who cuts your lawn? You wouldn’t consider them to be making a lot of money, as they’re doing manual work and they’re not wearing a suit.

The fact is, anyone who’s an independent contractor can really make good money. If you’re willing to learn a skill, then you can make money too.

With more and more people being funneled into college, there are fewer people taking on trades. Because of this, you can name your price when it comes to work.


What on earth is a consultant? You probably have no clue what they do or how they make their money.

The problem is, there are consultants for almost all industries and businesses. No matter what business they’re working in, though, what they’re aiming to do is solve problems.

A business owner will seek out a consultant with a specific goal in mind. For example, they may want to increase their revenue or improve efficiency.

You’ll then examine the business as it is and then make suggestions about how to improve it. The more businesses you get results for, the more impressive, and therefore valuable, you’ll be.

To get the most money, you’ll need to do a course on the business you want to work in. Once you have, you’ll have the skills needed to make that money.

Stock Trader

When we say stock trader, we’re not talking about the people who work on Wall Street. Instead, you can become a stock trader on your own terms and make good money doing so.

The best part is that you don’t need a college degree to do it. You can actually pick up the skills you need for free from sites like Wall Street Survivor.

Once you’ve tried their simulations and see how they work, you can start trading for real. You can take extra courses too if you want to, to get more knowledge about the field.

It’s a good idea to read and learn as much as possible in the stock trading market. The more you know, the more money you can make.

You don’t need to invest thousands to start out with, but you can soon start bringing in more and more money. If you’re ready to put in the time, you can become successful as a stock trader.

These 11 jobs that pay 200k don’t require you to get a degree to get started and will help you reach your financial goals. Whether you’re more creative or technically minded, there’s something here that will suit you.

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