How Much Can You Make With Amazon Flex Pay?

Are you someone who wants to make a living delivering stuff? Do you like to get out there and see parts of your local community while you do a lucrative job? Sick of landing good delivery jobs, only to watch the company that employed you go under? If so, you should find out how much you can make with Amazon Flex.

Why should you work for Amazon Flex?

How is the payment from Amazon Flex? Amazon Flex is a very powerful form of employment that could see you earn as much as $700 in a single week. While not likely to be the amount you make every week of the year, you can make plenty using Amazon Flex!

It’s the kind of solution that could help you make as much as $50 in an hour. It obviously is dependent on supply and a few nifty jobs going through, but it is a very lucrative form of delivery driving. It’s one of the best ways to make a living with your car, ensuring that you can easily make the most of your desire to deliver and drive.

Most delivery driver jobs can be quite stingy with the payment, though. How can working for Amazon Flex make it possible for you to pull in so much consistently?

Well, for one, there’s ALWAYS work. Amazon is among the biggest companies on the planet, and they have no shortage of parcels to get delivered. There’s as much – or little – work as you can physically take on with that in mind.

Driving for Amazon Flex

First off, driving for Flex is so incredibly simple. Other firms might make it feel more complex than it has to be, but Flex is all quite straightforward.

What happens is that you head to the nearest Amazon depot, pick up a big batch of customer products, and make your way across the designated area(s) to drop off some parcels. You usually drop it off at their home or an office; it depends on the person.

You use the Amazon Flex app to help set up delivery blocks that you would like to pick up, get confirmation and then drive through to pick it up.

You can get up in the morning, check what is there for the day, get ready and begin work. It’s a relatively fun and novel way to make a living, and you should make sure that you have fun driving for Flex in the first place.

Typically, those blocks you take on will bin the region of 3-4 hours long and will give you plenty of work to get through. You will need to work hard to get more work and be nice to the customers as you go. Any disputes that happen need you to maintain maturity and not react negatively or aggressively.

If you can do that, then you can find that the art of driving for Amazon Flex is about as fun as you could expect. What about the pay, though?

How much can you make with Amazon Flex?

It obviously depends on your own personal input and what you try to get out of the job, but earning potential is very high. At the top end of the scale, you could be bringing in as much as $700/week with this kind of job. The minimum end of the scale will see you earn as much as $18/hour, far more than you might expect for this kind of job. At the top end, you could be getting an average of $25 in an hour. You could, though, pull in a bit more than that; some people easily do $50 an hour on their best days.

If you have a good gas-efficient car, then you can bring in a fair amount. It depends on where you are based and various other factors, but typically you could make a pretty nice sum of money if you chose to use Flex.

Since you get paid the same amount per delivery block, no matter how long it takes to get through, you can make a nice amount of money with this. If you got a four-hour delivery block and worked like hell, you could finish it in three hours easily enough (just remember to follow the road laws!).

That means that you could take your pay to closer to $30-33 per hour, making a huge bonus and ensuring that you get rewarded for working harder. You don’t get paid by the hour but by the block. More hours, more cash, more success, and more joy!

Given the lowest end of the pay scale is around $300 per week, you could be pulling in the best part of around $1,200 per month. That’s a pretty decent wage at the end of the day, especially compared to other delivery programs!

Making More Money with Amazon Flex

Want to up your earning potential and get closer to that $700/week? No problem. All you need to do is:

Get into gear

As we said, make sure that you get into a frame of mind where you finish quicker than expected. If you can get your block down by around 30%, then you’ll be making a lot more than you were. The quicker you are without compromising safety, the better.

Always check the app

Check it all the time. You should know your weekly schedule, so start planning around your quieter days and turn them into busier days. Sign yourself up in advance and take every piece of work that you physically can. Don’t overdo it, though; this will hamper performance and put you and others on the road at risk.

Go above and beyond

Tips make up a good bit of your pay, too! So be nice to customers. Get there ahead of time and make it easier for them to feel nice and comfortable about the experience overall. The more you do this, the more likely you are to get some extra cash in your pocket.

How much can you make with Amazon Flex? Well, if you stick to the above tips, you can make driving for Amazon Flex a fun and lucrative earning experience!

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