How to Make Money With Poshmark: Ultimate Guide 2023

These days, there are all kinds of apps and sites that allow you to make a bit of extra cash. For example, if you have some extra clothes hanging around that you aren’t wearing anymore, you can make money with Poshmark.

What is Poshmark? It’s a platform that says they can help you turn those clothes into cash.

There are certainly plenty of sites out there that will help you sell your clothes, so is Poshmark the one for you? If you know how to use the site, then you really can make some cash.

Here’s everything you need to know about selling and making money with Poshmark, so you can make bank out of the clothes you don’t wear anymore.

Make money with Poshmark FAQ

What Is Poshmark?

Firstly, let’s understand what Poshmark is. It’s a social commerce marketplace that allows you to buy and sell used clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Buyers tend to like the site as it helps them find sellers with similar styles to their own. Then, they can browse through everything they have to offer and make purchases.

For sellers, they like the platform as it’s a very simple way to list all the items you have for sale. In addition, it gives them a wide audience for their clothing, so they can get their used clothes to people who will love them.

It’s certainly a successful platform, as Poshmark has been running since 2011 and have over 300 employees. It’s estimated they are worth $625 million.

The platform makes money by taking 20% of the sale price of anything you sell on there if it goes for over $15. If it’s under $15, then there’s a flat fee of $2.95.

Many sellers find this to be well worth the cost, and some are making a pretty penny selling clothes through Poshmark.

How to sell on Poshmark

Sounds good, so you have some clothes sitting in your closet that need to go to a new home. How easy is it to start selling on Poshmark?

It’s a lot easier than you’d think. First, you’ll need to start up by creating an account on the platform, which will only take a minute or two.

Once you’ve done that, you can get to selling. Get all the clothes that you’re planning on selling, and start snapping pictures of them on your phone.

Make sure you take the pictures in good lighting and take pictures of as many different angles as you can. You want to show those clothes off in the best possible light.

Once you have the pictures, you’ll upload them to Poshmark, which is very simple. Then, you need to create a short description for your item and set a price for each one.

Now the items are on your network, and other shoppers can find them. Once someone buys an item, you can download a pre-paid label from the site to put on the package.

Put the label on the parcel, and mail it out. You’ll get the money, minus the fee, in your account once the item is marked as received.

As a site, the interface is very user-friendly. That means that you’ll find it easy to start selling, no matter how much you have ready and waiting to be sold.

Can You Make Money On Poshmark?

Here’s the important question. Can you make money on Poshmark?

You can bring in a good amount of cash, even if you just have a few items you need to sell after KonMari-ing your closet. It works best if you have higher-end items or designer-label clothing.

As you can set the prices on your clothes, you’ll be able to get what you think each item is worth. You’ll need to keep that fee in mind as you set the price, though, to ensure you get the right amount of profit.

There are plenty of people who are actually making a living, selling items on Poshmark. Suzanne Canon, for example, is the first person to make $1 million selling clothes on the platform (source).

She’s a 39-year-old wife and mother who started selling on Poshmark as a way to clean out her own closet. She first developed selling into a side hustle and then into a whole business enterprise.

Haley Gibbs is another seller who has become very popular on the platform. When she sells items, she negotiates with the buyers until they reach a fair price.

Her approach towards selling has made her very popular with buyers, as they feel they get a good deal with her. That has helped her create a full business on Poshmark.

As you can see, it’s possible to make good money selling on Poshmark. So even if you’re not looking to start a side hustle or business, you can see how you can benefit here.

How To Get The Best Prices On Poshmark

Are you all ready to get started and make some money? Then you’ll need to really give your all to finding and selling clothes.

Find items for sale

Depending on how you’re using Poshmark, you may just be digging clothes out of your closet to sell. If you want to start a side hustle, though, you’re going to need to find clothes to sell.

As you’re starting, you don’t need to focus on trends. Instead, you can get your start and build a good rating by selling items out of your own belongings.

Be aware that you’re able to sell home goods on the platform now, too. So if you have any good quality home goods in your home, you can put them up for sale too to build up your reputation and profits.

Give the items a clean

Once you’ve collected together everything you want to sell, inspect them carefully. Some items may need a good clean before you can start photographing them.

If you find wear and tear, such as holes and stains, you won’t sell them. People on Poshmark are looking for high-quality items, so these probably won’t fit the bill.

Wash any clothes you’re planning on selling, and iron or steam them, so they’re free of wrinkles. Of course, you want them to look their best in the photos you’ll take.

If there is any damage, such as lost buttons, make a note of it. If you think you can still sell the item, you’ll need to disclose this in your description.

Check out comparable items

On Poshmark, items similar to the ones you’re selling are called ‘comps,’ or comparable items. You’ll want to check these out to see how popular they are and how much they’re being sold for.

To find them, simply do a search for the item you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling women’s Louboutin heels, search to see what other heels are on the market.

You can narrow the search down, too, by selecting the size, color, ‘new with tags,’ and so on until you find the right comps.

Use this info to decide how to price your item. Remember, you don’t have to set the same price and can go higher if you think the item is worth it.

If you do this, you’ll be able to take offers from users on the site. You can then offer discounts to buyers to make them feel as though they got a good deal.

Take pictures

Now you’re ready to start taking pictures of the items you have for sale. It’s important to get good quality pictures, as you want to show the buyer why they want to buy your item.

The easiest way to take pictures is through the app itself on your phone. You can upload them directly to the app and start listing items that way.

Ensure you have good lighting, so buyers can see all the details of the item you’re listing. If you’re just starting, you’ll want to wear the clothing if possible, so people can see how the item looks when it’s worn.

You’re allowed up to 12 pictures for each item, so make the most of them. You can take pictures of different angles, the size tag and label, the material, any damage or stains, and of course, the front and back of the item.

It’s important to do this, as having more pictures gives buyers all the info they need about it. In addition, that allows them to answer any questions they have and lowers the likelihood of returns.

Use keywords when listing your item

Like anything you sell online, keywords are vital. You want the buyers who would be interested in your item to find it on Poshmark easily.

Remember, it’s not just people searching on the site that you want to reach. Good listings will show up in Google searches, too, so the right keywords are essential.

Anyone searching through the site will be looking for something specific, such as ‘Men’s cargo pants’ or ‘Kid’s t-shirts and so on. So ensure you’re adding this info in both your title and description.

Also, you want to ensure you’re adding the brand and style in as well, as buyers will be looking for certain things. So, for example, rather than just selling ‘Dress,’ you’ll be selling a ‘Size S Red Skater Dress.’

Avoid abbreviations, emojis, and descriptive phrases such as ‘cute pants .’ These won’t help buyers find what they’re looking for.

Disclose any issues

If there are issues with the item, then you’ll need to ensure they’re detailed in the description. That ensures that buyers are aware of them and lower the chance of returns.

Detail if there are any stains or tears, if the zipper isn’t working, if there are holes in the pockets, or whether there’s any loose stitching.

If the item is valuable or rare enough, then you may find you’ll be able to get buyers, even if there’s some damage to the item. You do need to report it, though, or you risk your reputation as a seller.

Include the measurements

As sizing is always different from item to item, you’ll need to include measurements. These will help buyers see if the item will fit them and make a more informed purchase.

This is something they find important, as returns for fit aren’t allowed on Poshmark. If you include the measurements, then you’re making the buyer’s life a lot easier.

Add in measurements such as armpit to armpit for tops and jackets, the waist, rise and inseam for pants and jeans, and shoulder to hem, hips, and waist on dresses.

Take advantage of offers and markdowns

As a seller who wants to make money on Poshmark, you can use offers and markdowns to entice buyers into buying with you.

When a buyer comes across one of your items, they don’t need to buy it right away. Instead, they can ‘like’ or ‘watch’ it, so they can keep an eye on it. You can take advantage of that by sending them offers on the item in question.

There’s also the option of using the site’s ‘closet Clear Out’ or CCO events. These allow you to offer buyers discounted shipping if they buy within the next six hours of lowering the price.

The benefit of this is that Poshmark will pay the difference in shipping prices to you.

Don’t forget to offer good customer service

Even if you use Poshmark to make a little extra cash out of your closet, you’ll want to ensure you’re offering the best customer service. If you get feedback, it’s vital you pay attention to it.

If you get any negative feedback, it does feel like a personal attack. However, you can turn things around if you stay calm.

Get back to the buyer, and find a way to make things better. For example, you may want to refund them the money for an item if it didn’t come in the condition it was described as.

Always make sure to reply to feedback, as it shows other customers you’re willing to work with them to find a solution.

You really can make good money on Poshmark, by selling clothes you don’t wear anymore. Use these tips to get the most out of your sales.

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